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lol, Disney really is terrible. Johnny V needs a new job.

As a kid the only reason I liked Star Wars was because of the games.

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Don't listen to the Bombcast then. It needs to be longer. The universe craves more Bombcast.

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The Witness got me locked. Now just launch this fucker.

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What the hell is going on with Epic?

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Why does JJ Abrams suddenly have control over everything nerdy?

Because that Star Trek reboot was pretty damn good

Assuming you don't really know/care what "Star Trek" is all about and only want to see it's surface elements skinned over a generic sci-fi action flick.

Bullshit. As someone who has watched all of TNG and most of DS9 I loved 2009's Star Trek and it definitely has some of the core principles of the franchise. The most important part of any story is its emotional core, and for Star Trek that tends to be self-sacrifice and friendship, two things the reboot was full of. Everything else is just the window dressing.

@Branthog: What endings are you even talking about? Has he even been involved in the endings of any of the TV shows he started? He didn't write the endings to any of those shows, and I don't know if he was even still involved at that point. You can't really judge him by his early work, so all you're really left with is MI3 and Super 8 which both had fine endings and Super 8 had a great last scene.

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I think videos are probably a better use of their time. They have all the numbers so I presume that way more people watch their videos than read their articles. They still write stuff occasionally though. Alex's primary job is writing articles and it's a pretty big reason why Patrick was brought on in the first place.

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I hope Volition is supported and that Vigil is able to find a home before there is nothing left of that company. I was kind of hoping EA might pick something up from this but that's just because I think EA has a terrible game lineup right now and I wanted some developer to step in and teach them how to make interesting games again.

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I wouldn't use this thing if I got it for free. Seems like a terrible idea. Why won't this awful steambox idea just die?

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@IanYarborough: You realize ILM isn't a structured format that everyone needs to be there for? Often times one of them is off doing something else. They're in meetings, at press events, or busy reviewing a game. They don't just sit at their desks all day. It's easy for one of them to be off doing something when the others film ILM.

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@Morrow: I totally understand where you're coming from. The problem is that it's just really, really, really hard to get one type of control system working perfectly. Adding a second one would be way more expensive, time consuming, and create some confusion over how the game is supposed to be played. Just look at Fallout, its third person camera, while kind of cool, is totally terrible compared to games that focus exclusively on third person. The basic design of the world also changes depending on the kind of view the game has, things like detail on objects etc.