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@thepickle: I don't know if you saw the Boyes/Language/Johnny V "interview", but the one word that couldn't be used to describe it is professional. In the best possible way (and also kind of the worst).

That is the one segment that felt like real Giant Bomb E3. I only wish they got more people in the mix for that, I don't like how limited the panels were

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I didn't like how the wrap up shows were run either. There used to be a great tradition of half of dozen drunk game developers/journalists getting on mics yelling over each other for our amusement. New show felt to "professional" and not in a good way.

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Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

5/5. The same director that gave us the Kid Stays in the Picture now tells us the story of a boy named Kurt. It's a very well done, personal documentary. We get a ton of never before seen stuff, including drawingss, audio diaries, and home movies from his infancy to his adulthood. These are intercut with amazing, honest interviews with his friends and family. Notably absent from these interviews are Dave Grohl and Frances Cobain. But we do get insight from his mom, dad, step-mom, sister, Krist, and Courtney. Kurt is often painted as a bleak, dreary guy, and while he did struggle greatly with depression, this documentary shows us he was also an extremely funny and warm person, bursting at the seams with energy and creativity. It sheds incredible new light on a story that has been tried before countless times. Overall it's an incredible film and I highly recommend to anyone, even if you're not a huge Nirvana fan.

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The Wire really took off midway through season 1 for me. Season 2 is weird. It's not bad, but I think it's definitely the least impressive of the bunch. Seasons 3/4 are prime-time.

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I think they should mix it up a bit. Maybes sub in Danny O'Dwyer and Mary for maybes Drew and Brad?

I think Brad needs to tap out. In MPP3 he was just bitching the entire time and not even trying to make jokes. I feel like he takes it way too seriously and can't just make it entertaining like Jeff or Drew

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Pale Elf Wizard

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Dallas Mavericks are a sinking ship and wtf is Stoudemire wearing!?

He looks like an Airship pilot from a Final Fantasy game

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I don't understand what Chip Kelly is doing to the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm not convinced Chip Kelly knows what Chip Kelly is doing with the Philadelphia Eagles

If this whole thing crashes and burns it will be quite the spectacle, as a Giants fan I've got the popcorn ready

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T2 > T1 > T3. there are no other Terminator movies