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#1 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

It's pretty silly that for one of the Heart of The Tiger answers, you have to go to the Characters page, but for another one, you have to go to the person who played that character's page.

#2 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

i nearly wept when i saw "hockey powder" in there.

#3 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

Yeah, I'm running Quake Live in XP on my Macbook, which doesn't even have a real 3D card and it works great. You shouldn't have any problems.

#4 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

Everything seems to be going smoothly as of right now... except that stats aren't being recorded yet.

#5 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

So I did the placement test twice. Won 15-9 the first time, but it didn't count it so I tried again and won 15-5 the second time but it didn't count again and now the site is offline.

I might try again a little later, but it will probably be even more slammed then.

#6 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

It seems to be going down much faster now than it was earlier... I was at 54,000 or so about 15 minutes ago and I'm down to 32,000 now. Hopefully I actually get to play this time. Last time I went into fullscreen and my mouse wasn't working so I had to quit and start all over.

#7 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

Still waiting. I've gone down about 20,000 in the last hour or so. Apparently they've made some changes to the queue system so it will move a little faster. I'll be adding the GB tag right away, so if you see [GB] therizzle, say hi.

#8 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

I'm the same as I am here:  therizzle.

I have to go out and do some grocery shopping right this second, so I figure if I queue up before I leave I should only have to wait a year or two after I get back in order to play.

#9 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

And yet again, we all will all be disappointed in how big of a deal is made over nothing.

#10 Posted by TheRizzle (81 posts) -

You all suck for the lack of mentioning Ketchup chips this far into the thread.


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