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It was horrible.

Like watching American Idol winners coming over to Led Zeppelin's house to jam with their equipment because their mutual managers said it was ok. Then Scott Mecreery picks up Vinny's axe and plays till a string breaks.

"Aww man, really sorry!" Seth said disingenuously.

But to be fair, we all knew there was a decent chance GB sold out when CBS bought them. CBS owns them and all good things come to an end. Maybe it's time to put away the T-shirts . . .

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Don't you fucking scare me like that.

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Isn't this how the Diablo 3 launch went?

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@animasta: I normally watch in full screen mode and don't see the chat. What went crazy?

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@bribo said:

@morbid_coffee: The Gamespot crew tried really, really hard to have WACKY PERSONALITIES when in front of the camera

Yeah, I know. Justin Calvert's constant whooping and jazz-hands were pretty embarrassing.

Exactly. It happens with people who weren't made for comedy programming.

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@sweetz: Great comparison with Top Gear. I think that GB/GS stuff would end up being like American Top Gear. They tried to mix the jokes with more serious coverage. And, well. It's not very good.

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@morbid_coffee: I agree with you saying it doesn't really add to the lineup.

Also, shit. I didn't know that thread was about the show as well.

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I enjoyed the show, as I do with pretty much everything Giant Bomb does. But I really didn't think that the Gamespot crew fit into the mix. For me, it's like the GB crew and viewers are a tight knit community, and seeing GS there felt really awkward to me.

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I'm legitimately curious as to what people thought.

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I've never been to NeoGaf before. But are like 90% of the people there assholes?

That thread was fucking awful.

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Are there peopke out there, like me, who just don't care about these kinds of topics in games?