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This is turning out to be harder than I thought, maybe I should go with a split damage weapon. What do you guys think about a lightning or chaos Large Club? I like the moveset and the Blighttown Barbarians are easy enough to farm. My other thought would be a greataxe but I'm not a huge fan of its moveset.

EDIT: Bah, maybe I'll just go with a Zweihander after all.

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If you're a real man/woman you'll get 30 Faith and go full Grant. It's completely useless for PVP but it's a one-hit boss killing machine if you have the Red Tearstone ring.

I think it does the single highest damage per swing, bar none, except possibly the Artorias Greatsword at like lvl 250 or whatever. Its damage is split between physical and magic, though, so some enemies will be less susceptible.

Actually the Demon's Greataxe does the most damage technically as it does pure physical damage. I'm not a fan of split damage as I think From really toned it down in comparison to Demon's Souls.

I should say that I'm not interested in any split damage weapons otherwise the Grant would be at the top of my list. Sorry but I don't want any lightning or chaos weapons

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I'll get Toukiden at some point, I'm just not sure when yet. I also haven't decided whether I'll get the FFX collection for the Vita or PS3.

I'll echo the posts above in saying thanks for making these lists.

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Gonna be a sad, quiet day in Colorado here tomorrow. At least we're not the type of fans to riot or get crazy pissed off or anything. Mostly seen facebook posts and stuff about people happy with our high scoring season and hoping Peyton sticks around.

For once I'm actually glad I'm a Denver fan nowhere near Colorado. As long as he gets cleared by medical I'm sure Peyton will be back, the rest of the offense will likely be different because of free agency though.

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So I've played a ton of both Dark Souls and Demon's Souls but the only build I've never really tried is the no shield build. I think I'm decent enough to do parries but I'm leaning more towards a 2H strength build.

The strength builds I'm thinking of are either trying to conserve weight by using the Butcher Knife or Man Serpent Greatsword or going all out attack with something heavy like the Demon's Greataxe.

Obviously a dual wield build would focus on dexterity with either a Great Scythe or an Uchigatana with a Parrying Dagger in the off hand.

I plan on using the fast roll so armor doesn't matter until I get my endurance high enough which I'll probably just use the Black Leather set. At this point I'm just looking for more reasons to play more Dark Souls so any suggestions would be helpful.

EDIT: Also this will be for PvE only and rings will be Ring of Favor and probably Havel's ring till I get my endurance high enough and after that I don't really know.

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Shining Force 2, my most played game and also my favorite game. My choice of a game that nobody seems to know about is Trinity:Souls of Zill O'll, one of my favorite games from this past generation that I never seem to see anybody talking about.

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@lovespuds: It's from their Sony Gamescom livestream:

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I don't buy nearly as many games on launch day as I used to, partly because I've amassed a pretty big backlog and also they tend to go on sale within a few months. I bought Octodad yesterday since it has a launch sale and I had some Steam credit left over.The next games I plan on getting on release are Lightning Returns and Dark Souls 2. Most games I can wait a while for but certain games like the aforementioned Lightning Returns I have to play as soon as it's released.

At this point for me it's mostly a show of support for the developer or game. For example, I bought both Ni No Kuni and the collector's edition of Tales of Xillia on launch day but I haven't played either one of them yet. Both games can be purchased very cheaply now but I don't regret either purchase one bit.

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@tourgen said:

Ahh man this reminds me of the early Eve Online forums. PVP is core Souls gameplay. They've worked hard to build an innovative PVP system including cool co-op tools. From the very beginning with Demon's Souls, the monk fight, the anonymous co-op play defending against invaders and defeating bosses. All before the first hipster put fingers to keyboard for Journey.

If you can't appreciate that then .. sorry, these games aren't made for you. Play something else.

Apparently I've wasted hundreds, possibly a thousand hours on a series that isn't for me. Huh, you'd think I would've noticed by now.

The reason I'm not interested in Souls PvP isn't because of how horribly unbalanced it is but simply because I'm not a multiplayer guy, I honestly can't remember the last time I played with or against a human player in any game. I think it's great that the Souls series has multiplayer that people enjoy, I just think it should be optional for people that also want to play online without disadvantages like taking up a ring slot or a covenant or whatever the rumors are now. If Dark Souls 2 is actually balanced this time then I might be interested in an arena like the DLC had but I have no interest in invasions.

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Nope, I probably won't get both consoles for at least a year or two. There's still plenty of games already out and coming out that will keep me busy. Aside from new tech lust, the new consoles won't be interesting until a couple of years.