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I can't agree with it being the greatest controller but I liked it and wish MS would've kept it around.

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I haven't seen The Last Story mentioned so I'd recommend that, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

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I definitely plan on getting it but I'm not sure when, probably not next week though.

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So I was just playing Dark Souls and the power suddenly went out, I didn't think much of it until I started the game again and it said my save was corrupted and thus I lost 10 characters worth 400 to 500 hours or more. It's not a huge deal since I was only a few hours into the new character but it sucks losing all the other characters.

That is the only save horror story that stands out in recent memory but I remember saving on my NES was a gamble since every once in a while the cartridge wouldn't save.

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@ch3burashka: I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any Gamespot crossover in a long time now, probably since that Wednesday show they stopped doing after a few weeks. I'm with you though, I liked that stuff, it's more content and the GS crew seemed to fit in fine with Giant Bomb.

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Sif, more for the lore than the actual battle and the fact that he's a giant fucking wolf, it sucks that you still have to fight him if you do the DLC first. Though it's not like there's much competition, I thought most of the bosses were really weak compared to Demon's Souls which had truly excellent bosses.

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The only announced games that I really want play is inFamous and Forza so I figure I can wait till next holiday since I have plenty of current gen games to play.

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I'm bummed that the collector's edition isn't coming out here. I'm mostly over special editions of games but there are a few exceptions, Final Fantasy and especially the XIII series being one of them.

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I'm going to eschew your poll and say that Killzone is the one that I'm most excited for.