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@gatehouse: I think the Great Scythe is by far the best Dex weapon, it has excellent speed and reach. I'd say it has the best strong attack in the game as it's just as fast as a normal attack, hits across a wide arc and doesn't really use that much stamina.

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Was Trevor actually a cannibal? There were plenty of references to it throughout the game but unless I missed something it was never actually confirmed.

Trevor is easily my favorite character in the game and I agree with some of the above people about Franklin being the worst of the three. I liked him early on but his story didn't really go anywhere, he just kinda tagged along for the ride.

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I'll definitely turn it off when I start playing, not a fan of that system at all. It's weird, normally I don't like it in RPGs when non active party members get reduced or no exp but in Pokemon it makes sense to me that only the participating Pokemon gets exp.

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With 33 strength you'll get good scaling from the Man Serpent Greatsword, it's easy to get as the lizardmen in Sen's Fortress drop it. Also, the Black Knight Greataxe is the best black knight weapon and one of the best strength weapons but unless you got lucky and got it from the black knight in the catacombs you'll have to wait till the end of the game. EDIT: The Butcher Knife is also a good fast weapon that scales very well with strength, but you can only get it by killing a black phantom before you kill Quelaag.

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I've played six of the games on your list and I like them all with the exception of Xenoblade Chronicles which I didn't much care for. Valkyrie Profile, Metroid, Ouendan, and SMT I haven't played. I'm surprised you would pick Samurai Warriors 2 over 3, I thought 3 improved over 2 in pretty much every way. I'm guessing it's just one of those games that you play at a certain time and place since I would say my favorite Dynasty Warriors is 5 even though I know some of the newer games are better.

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Is it weird that as a Broncos fan I was rooting for the Chiefs to win? I know I should want every other team in that division to lose but the Chargers are the only team in that division that I hate.

I've said for a few years now that the only thing the Chiefs need is a good quarterback, which they finally have now. Seriously, they have one of the best running backs in the league and a good defense and realistically Peyton has maybe two or three good years left so I'm definitely worried about them in the future.

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That's my biggest complaint against the game. The closest you can get is to play Test Your Luck and set the reels to two, the lowest it can go.

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I've always thought that Wild ARMs is one of the most underrated franchises in RPGs. My favorites are 2 and 5 but I like all of them except for XF on the PSP, which has some pretty unfair difficulty.

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There's Fusion: Genesis, I remember it looking pretty cool in the quick look but I never got around to playing it.