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So here's the Idea When Devil May Cry was meant to be A Resident Evil title but was changed and now Devil May Cry began it's own series.What I am trying to say is that do you what Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to be a crossover fighting game with a M rating like Mortal Kombat?

Well Here are the Playable characters

from Devil May Cry

Dante Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 UMvC3
UMvC3 Vergil
Lady in DMC4

From Resident Evil

Chris Redfield

Well there's more characters if the new games came out and if a real Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 6 announced and came out already then we would have newcomers.Just comment and tell me what you think

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@Parsnip: what about Ada

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A rumor of Resident Evil 6 was confirmed to be in San Diego Comic Con 2011 and Toyko Game show confirmed that Capcom was working on it.But The Teaser itself was fake ate least that's what capcom thinks but some thinks it legal and a few actors would return to developing Resident Evil 6.Don't take my word for it look it up.So there really is a Resident Evil6 coming and after raccoon city and revelations we might be able to see it.

I might get a pre order of Raccoon City it will be my first resident evil game.

game looks sweet

Plus I would like to know more about the 3rd Organization and what happen to Sherry.

Sherry Birkin wonder what happen to her?

Also more about Alex Wesker and Patrick.Plus I don't by that Albert Wesker is dead just yet

come on capcom I know he's getting old but that is just a ridiculous way to kill off one of your best chatacters

so there is my report so comment and let me know

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Alright everyone stop making fun of me This idea is okay so it's still my opinions the people form youtube and other sites some might agree with this.So go to your emo corners

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Well the Undernage dude is asking the creators of Hellsing and others to add their characters to the game

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Don't be sad Undernage we might see A Hellsing video game franchise announced anytime soon... If the producers finds this game out they might make a Hellsing video game.

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@President_Barackbar: no that would Hso Hao
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oh that that was for a PC game I couldn't find the cover so i thought no one would mind

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Well Sub zero is one of my favorite characters and it's awesome

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yeah it's okay besides he has two claws in Mortal Kombat and his killings in the movies are now in Mortal Kombat