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Persona 4 golden is a must play if you haven't already played the game on the PS2. It really is an amazing game and it's a perfect fit on the Vita.

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It's a new PS4 game so I'm immediately interested. Anyone pick it up and if so what do you think?

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Thanks guys. Does Earthbound hold up today?

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Hey guys - just picked up a Wii U after wanting one for a while. I decided on the Limited Edition Wind Waker bundle. The system is a lot of fun but I'm looking to pick up some additional games. What are the absolute must have games on the Wii U right now?

So far I have:

Wind Waker


Pikmin 3

Super Mario 3D World

What others can you think of that I absolutely must pick up and why? And this can include downloadable games too from the eShop as well.

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Amazon sent me mine on Thursday

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If I could vote, I'd vote for turn based.

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@dr_mantas said:
@mattyftm said:

There has to be another side to this story, right? Based on the information we know, the Twitch admins look like pretty horrible human beings. So there has to be another piece to the puzzle that explains and justifies their actions, right?

Hopefully, but they've been pretty silent about the whole thing, except not very concrete promises of unbanning everyone.

They probably feel they are in the right. And I say "they" because Horror wouldn't have continued down the ban-parade without feeling certain he is supported.

That's why they are quiet. He's not gonna get fired, and that's pretty much the thing that would make all of this go away.

I don't think they need to fire him. Unbanning is a good first step, probably an apology afterwards.

Another thing I've noticed- people are claiming he gave his bf special treatment regarding the icons, but I haven't seen proof of it? The joke that set this thing all off makes fun of that but I haven't seen people actually accuse/provide proof of this until this thread.

Pretty sure he had some twitter posts saying his boyfriend's persona as a furry was glowstick or something because "he glows" according to him. Then he made that furry icon.

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Definitely Walking Dead. Holy crap that game was brutal.

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Why? They are probably making more money than they did before and their needs are being met so if the reason is "because they would be indie and not belong to the man" then that's just dumb. If something was being stifled then I would say maybe but the money they are making probably exceeds any slight dissatisfaction they may have.

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It's the equivalent of having a PS3 switched to on but turned off, right? When just the red light shows? If that's the case I don't see why not.

I don't think so. That was basically turning the system off, right? Nothing went on in the background. If something needed to be downloaded the system would turn off and then off again to do whatever needed to be done. With this, when in standby everything can continue working as normal with downloads and such it's just in a sleep state where a bunch of the other systems are turned off.