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Framerate has been perfect so far for me on PS3.

Only complaint I have is the diminishing health. I really wish it would have been like souls 1 but I'm sure I'll get used it over time.

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I haven't been invaded yet, but I did join the Order of the Blue (or whatever that first covenant is) to get help when invaded. I'm no good at PvP and having some people to help out is a plus.

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has anyone seen any mimics yet? dont say where. just a yes or no will be fine

Yes, there are mimics in the game.

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I completely disagree with Sooty above me. Sounds like he just isn't a fan of Assassin's Creed. Get AC4 right now. I wasn't big on AC3 but this just reignites the series in the best possible way.

Battlefield 4 online has it's issues but it's getting better. I'm a casual when it comes to online FPS games though so I don't play it nearly as much as some people.

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Rapelay. Though you'll always find a few people to defend absolutely anything.

Rapelay may provide a victimless outlet for potentially volatile individuals to act out their fantasies while rubbing one out. If even one such fucked up urge was sated by a game rather then a real person that's a win.

There will always come a time when it's not enough and they move on to the real thing. If anything, it could make someone who wouldn't have previously known to have liked this act out when they eventually move on to the real thing. It's not a good thing and shouldn't exist.

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I've thought about it but for just Titanfall? It's not worth it especially since you can play it on the PC. I'll get an Xbox One eventually but for now I'm perfectly content with last gen consoles and my PS4.

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This is a childish fight that doesn't need to continue. You were doing something to piss her off and while she shouldn't have snatched it from you, she should have said, "Stop that, it's annoying as fuck" and if you continued then you are in the wrong. If you are bringing up your anger issues over someone taking a lighter - then dude, you need to be careful. It's one thing to get upset because someone took something from you but if you're getting anger issues enough to warrant a post to an off topic board on a gaming website - you might want to reconsider your priorities. Are you sure you are getting angry over the lighter or because you and your girlfriend have other issues? I don't think the lighter scenario is the problem - sounds like you are either very young and new to relationships or if you aren't, then you and your girlfriend may have bigger issues than this.

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I always start out with the best intentions in terms of going after achievements but eventually get really bored and move on to the next game. Probably the only one I actually spent a lot of time on would be that Nuka Cola achievement in the original Fallout where you had to find a whole bunch of those one types of Nuka Cola.

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I honestly thought this was going to be a no brainer for a high score across the board. I'm a bit shocked and a little disappointed it didn't review better. I'm still going to play it but I probably won't hang onto it after finishing it.

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Oh wow - I never realized I had this many...472 games is a lot!

Over the last 6 years, you've spent 1587.4 hours playing this selection, which includes 472 items, is valued at $7664.68, and requires 2528.9 GB