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Man, the MGS2 boss fights really suck. I mean, I kinda remembered that already, but watching this series has really driven that point home.

Mechanically, absolutely. Though narratively, since they were meant to be mere imitations of the bosses from Shadow Moses, I can kind of appreciate it.

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One of the biggest counter-arguments about videogames causing kids to become agressive and brainwashed is that if people actually adhered to the age restrictions it wouldn't be a problem. I think pretty much everyone grew up playing and watching some fairly fucked up shit, but I'd feel like a total hypocrite if I didn't point out that you can't argue parents shouldn't let their kids play violent videogames and then in the next breath advise the same kids on how to circumvent that decision.

Boring answer: Wait until you're 18. There's plenty of other things you could be playing until then.

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Most GOTY lists revolve around the author regurgitating why the games on the list are good, reasons I've heard ad nauseam for every major game over the year. Rare are the cases where arguments put forth for why certain games are actually ranked higher than others on the list. This goes for all the personal lists for Giant Bomb as well, and why I'm really only interested in the deliberation podcast itself.

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I think the ivory crown might be the weakest of the 3 in terms of level design, but they are all quite good and worth playing.

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@mento: The Ancient Dragon fight itself has pretty interesting plot ramifications actually. Also, it's definitely the most "gimmick" fight that exists in DkS2. Once you figure out how to fight it, killing it without taking any hits is rather easy, but until then, getting one shot is the norm. It's much like the Dragon God from Demon's Souls. Darklurker is a much more difficult fight because it actually requires skill in execution.

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I got the other MC. If someone gets Koro-chan, let me know,

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Will we ever hear it again? Of course we will. When is it going to resurface in force? Who knows.

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I couldn't get over how the game seemed hard for reasons beyond my control, like poor hit detection. Lancing a giant tank and the aim is all lined up and it appears to hit the turret, but for some reason it doesn't. Its just arbitrary, and then the whole thing snowballs and I lost but I don't feel like I know what I did wrong. I feel like some random shitty hit detection thing happened and I have to hope it won't happen again when I try once more. I just couldn't get over some poorly executed things on the mechanical level. Nice looking game though, interesting sort of "there are good and bad people on every side" type stuff in there although some of the bad guys were a bit caricature. I liked how even the hired expendable soldiers were able to show their individual personality traits.

The icon changes color if the center of your aiming reticule will land a hit. But much like X-Com or Fallout, whether the shot lands center of somewhere else in the circle is all RNG.

There's no hit detection, just percentage chances.

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I am more hyped for the shit storm that will happen upon release than for the game itself. Don't let me down internet.

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Always nice to see people who have never taught trying to tell teachers how to do their jobs. Especially when even most classroom teachers don't have well enough of an idea what Special Ed staff actually do on a regular basis.

Snark aside, no, I don't think my special ed students are any worse or anything like that. It all really depends on having a good match of support staff, something not always viable because of how crazy a variety of things can get.

An example: All the special education students were having a cookie party today, and due to the hectic nature of setting up a party like event in the lunch room, I was watching a few students, one of whom I usually don't work with. He had a rather bad meltdown suddenly due to something that happened (still not sure what considering he was smiling one moment and became violent the next), and proceeded to attempt to punch me a dozen times until he was pulled off me by a few other SEAs. It's a behavior issue that the staff has developed a way to deal with, but due to the hectic nature of the situation, not everyone was in the exact correct place.

These things happen, and teachers learn to deal with it, along with many other things.