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@mister_v: If you're talking about VLGDR in Syndicate, our new home is indeed a fair distance away. Depending on how much stuff you have, the corp's own hauling service may be able to help you out.

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Starblazers all the way, breh.

Star Blazers is awesome and easily accessible on Hulu.

It is awesome, and there's so much content to dig into if you get hooked! Old stuff and new.

The more recent remake of the show, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, is a much better version of the show, if one wants to experience it.

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A few additional shows to consider:

Gunbuster (OVA length)

Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross (Full length series)

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (Full length series)

Mobile Suite Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket (OVA length)

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Secondly, and this is my probably my biggest complaint, is the fanservice is like...barely mediocre at best. For example, although you can, let's say, play with Midna in a Skyward Sword level, that's about as deep as the crossovers go. As far as I can remember, none of the side characters ever acknowledge each other or visit another Zelda timeline. I'll let the lack of interactions slide during the midst of gameplay, but the fact there's zero cutscenes with characters from the different timelines interacting in any way whatsoever is incredibly disappointing...and I'm not even a huge Zelda fan!

A few years past, I wrote a blog post about the third Dynasty Warriors: Gundam game, focusing on the exact same issue. Good to see the DW team hasn't made any real progress in learning how to make fanservice of that variety good.

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Madison, Wisconsin, where I went to undergrad and grad school. Still think about going back to New York City where I lived from 7 to 17, but between the far higher living cost and New York not recognizing teaching licenses from any other state, it probably won't happen for a long while.

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@counterclockwork87: I'm more than fine with devs choosing to change up stuff, I just feel like the changes that were made were all in the opposite direction of why I liked the Souls series in the first place.

@capum15: Where do you find the soapstone at?

On health loss after death, that's simply a halfway point between what Demon's Souls and the first Dark Souls offered. There is the cling ring analogue in this game to make keep your max health at 75% as opposed to half, and the ability to repair rings of sacrifices means you can potentially never lose anything upon death outside of a 3k souls repair bill.

On 60 fps causing more durability loss, no comment since I assume that is a PC version only thing. Otherwise, I've never had any issue with weapon breakage outside of acid damage.

On enemies no longer re-spawning, it is theoretically possible for you to kill everything and lose all souls enough times to run out of potential exp sources. In practice, that chance is incredibly remote. Enemies disappear after being killed 15 times, and enemies give more exp / you require less to level up compared to Dark Souls 1. You will not fall irreparably behind unless you actively attempt to do so. Also, refer back to the earlier ring of sacrifice comment.

Most of your listed grievances seem easily resolved by other game mechanics.

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Games are better at creating an engrossing world to explore, and create a narrative out of, while inferior at telling a traditional story, for the same reason: player interactivity.

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Stay away from FFIX. It's super overrated.

Fuckin WORD, son.

What does that word even mean? Do you think it's good? Bad? Are you even critiquing the game or just shitting on people who like it?

Means it gets a lot of undue praise. Seems simple enough.

Why do you think you're in a position to claim people are praising it unduly? Are you claiming people are simply lying to you? Is the game tricking them? Do you have knowledge of other people's inner thoughts? What are you actually saying, and about what are you directing it towards?