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I'm in. Already have too much stuff to play on Steam but it never hurts to have more! Steam name is same as here.

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Have: Renegade Ops

Want: Games I don't own. Here are my games. Or maybe somebody in the US can buy me Dead Space 2 for 5 bucks? It's around 10 bucks where I live. I'll throw in some coupons in addition to Renegade Ops.

PM me here or add me on Steam if interested.

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I did not. :I

Dungeon Defenders.

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Iron Man or X2, but I haven't seen X2 in a while so I'll go with Iron Man.

Dungeon Defenders.

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@jetsetwillie said:

i've just reach blighttown.

and in my opinion all the fun has gone from the game down there. its too hard, the guys with the poison darts piss me off no end and the framerate sucks (playing on PS3).

Do you have the Spider Shield? It's great against poison dart dudes.

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Good stuff, keep 'em coming interns!  


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Has Paradox Fantasy Pack been mentioned yet? It's 84% off (in Finland at least) and it includes Majesty (Gold Edition), Majesty 2 + dlc and Elven Legacy + dlc. Now I don't know if any of these games are good, but hey, they're pretty cheap. Thinking about getting this. 
Edit: Here's a Quick Look of Majesty 2.