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Devastated. RIP

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It's vastly superior on PC, but on 360 it's great. Really good for a port, actually.

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Alex Navarro writing is a story about the VGAs is so appropriate. They both try way too hard to be funny.

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I absolutely adored this game. Human Revolution is by far my game of the year at this point.

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Half of Giant Bomb hates Alex Navarro for trying way too hard to be funny, the other half loves him and finds him utterly hilarious and awesome.

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It's like Alex and Patrick are competing for who can create a more irritating title to an article.

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I went with Jensen's, self-destructing and all. I think Jensen died the day Sarif was originally attacked. The only thing that kept him going was getting to the bottom of the conspiracy. I think the character would have chosen the way I went as well.

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@dagas said:
I played the original Deus Ex long after release (played through the first mission). First time was in 2006 or so and I tried it again recently. I do not understand what people see in that game. It must be one of those games you had to play at launch. Unless you played it back in the day I doubt you'll like it now. You need that nostalgia to enjoy it at this point. To be fair this is a problem with most games. The standards change over time. Only a handful of games (like Mario games for example) age with any sort of dignity. And I'm not talking graphics, I'm talking gameplay. Despite what some people say games were not better back in the day, even mediocre games of today are superior in almost every way to a game from 10-15 years ago (apart from a few classics that is)
The original game has aged very poorly.
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@bioblood22 said:
DA:O = Great Game       DA2 = Good Game
Right on the money.
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I 100% agree with the OP.