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A bit of a goat f-bomb. 0

This game.... They shipped it to me before the street date, before the reviews. So now I own it. It's... I played it. Felt like I had to make the best of the situation and try to get my money's worth out of it. I did not succeed. This is a game which unique quality is that it possesses extraordinarily little value.  It takes some time to adjust to the way this game plays, your first instinct may be to give up after the first few missions as there's more or less no redeeming quality in sight. Yo...

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Jack in a box. 0

Hadn't bought one of these since Guitar Hero 3. Felt like it was time to give the genre a try again. What I was actually interested in purchasing was Rock Band 2, but there's no RB2 guitar bundle here in Europe because something. Was looking at World Tour for €60, but the latest GH guitar, GH5 and World Tour for €90 sounded enticing as I clicked the pre-order button.Turns out there's no GH5 guitar bundle in Europe either. What Activision has done is attempt to get rid of their stock of plastic W...

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Pretty well 0

In a review about flower it's easy to go off on some pretentious tangent about how elegantly it evokes a sensation of happiness and relaxation in your soul with its soothing, mesmerizing presentation and the simple elegance of its unique design. It's easy because it's actually not that far from the truth. Flower may not possess the same qualities common in other games, and that's what makes it so appealing. And it's really hard to describe these qualities in a way that doesn't make you sound lik...

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This game is wonderful. 0

This game is wonderful. The beautiful visuals are always so, and mesmerizing those times when it essentially feels like you're watching concept art in motion. Ubisoft presents a fantastical world where the striking visuals convey an atmosphere that is positively sparkling with ethereal magic. The Prince may not be a perfectly natural fit for a world like this, he's basically Nathan Drake's more fashionable brother. But you know, Nathan Drake was a likeable guy. Elika has more gravitas, providing...

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More like Sbore. lol! 0

(rating thing appears to be a bit broken. actually not supposed to be 5 stars there, but 2.5.)Revealed to much fanfare and mindblowingness at E3 2005, Will Wright's next miracle promised to contain an entire universe populated with weird creatures created by the players themselves. It all sounded so majestic and magical one could but dream of what a fantastically wondrous experience it would be to engulf oneself in the creative result of the brilliance of the mangod that is Will Wright. So it's ...

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The game's Alone in the Dark...just leave it there. 0

I wanted to believe. Eden Studios had created the most excellent Test Drive Unlimited, which is based upon the most brilliant concept ever. Wasn't flawlessly executed, but the concept was so ingenious it didn't really matter. Alone in the Dark had similarly ambitious ideas and I was hoping for a spiritual sequel, if you could call it that.You start off in a room, dizzy and barely conscious, you have no idea what's going on as you suffer from that old chestnut amnesia. What has actually happened ...

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Nostalgia-fueled review results in crazy score. 0

I remember when I was but a wee lad, back when I couldn't afford a single piece of cartridge for Nintendo's electronical videogame machinery due to my moneylessness. So I used to leech off of those who could. One beautiful day when the birds were chirping and the sun had come up from bottom of ground, I got to borrow this thing called Street Gangs, which was its European title.What I was presented with was a story about blablablah. To remedy the situation you punched, kicked, threw and hit dudes...

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