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I know that beneath all this loud, caustic, reprehensible shittiness, some Gamergate folk have points with some amount of merit. The problem is that the discussion about games media alienating their readers, or whatever, is no longer the discussion worth having, if it ever was. The failure of Gamergate to make any coherent, valid, worthwhile point about ethics whatsoever...the scale of the tremendous failure to bring anything of value in any aspect Gamergate has claimed to be about over these past two months, is only matched by the abrasive loudness with which they've brought the issues of harassment, mobbing, death and rape threats, sexism, misogyny etc. into the open. There was corruption indeed. Thanks for letting us know, Gamergate. Now we may begin the arduous process of rooting it out.

As always, I implore the people who've for one misguided reason or another banded together with the miserable hate group that is Gamergate, to please disassociate themselves with it. Stop supplying momentum to this movement that has accomplished nothing but abhorrent bullshit, stop allowing this to distract from and overshadow the points you want to make. It's true that dregs are gonna keep being repulsive, with or without a hashtag, but that is not a reason to march alongside them. There is no reason.

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Not initially available in Sweden, but if/when it is, that 10% discount is going to be worthless. EA's digital pricing is insane. To actually get 10% off, they'd have to offer 23% off.

I've no interest in playing EA games on day one, much less day -5.

As a rental service it looks good though. $5 for a month is more than fair, especially when it's not limited to just one game. Wholly dependent on what games will be available. Currently there's none I'm interested in.

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This makes up for The Sims 4 being such a bummer.

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My interpretation is that Mountain is an interactive screen saver that costs $1. If others want to think there's more to it then that's fine, but I'm not gonna bother trying to understand why.

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Wish everyone there the best of luck but one thing that I've felt since Bombing in the AM stuff started is that the site feels less and less coordinated. It sometimes feels obvious that there are people in different cities doing their own thing that slightly bumps into each other when brought under the umbrella of one main site.

And I also think Giant Bomb Chicago and Giant Bomb NY need to invest in some ISDN lines to make sure they can still podcast with Giant Bomb SF. I know there is something to everyone being in the same room, but there's something to keeping the main personalities together somehow if it's still going to feel like Giant Bomb.

We can rebuild him. Campo Santo has the technology.

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@jagehtso said:

I'm excited and terrified at the same time.

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Glad stuff could get worked out for Vinny on a personal level, and he's right to be excited about the potential (un)professional positives and possibilities that could come out of this, but it's always sad when people get split up and change is always scary. :(

And I just confused myself, how are these new hires being allocated? They're both going to OGGB?

Also, where's GB East gonna plant the greenscreen?

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Oh man, this sounds like a logistical nightmare.

Vinny leaving SF = Brad, Jeff, Drew and whatever new person/people. Drew will be trapped in the control room, meaning we're going to get hella Jeff and Brad on basically everything out of SF... which is cool, but I fear that either one of them would suffer from exhaustion, or content would dwindle down to nothing.

Glad Vinny's going back with his family, but this sort of scares me... Alex-related content isn't always my favorite, unless he's playing bad video games.

to be fair, if it gets this bad you could rope in Danny, Rorie or Alexis.

Well, it's not like those people are just sitting on their asses when they're not sitting on their asses on camera.

New duders got some shoes to fill. No pressure.

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Did someone break the comments?

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Sounds like videogames to me.