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That first thing Warner Bros did here, push out a game not fit for purpose, is about as unsurprising as it is shitty. So is their initial response of "hey, just like, change the settings or something" and "we'll fix it at some point". But this, suspending sales of an AAA game, that's a first, right? And of course you automatically suspect it's because of Steam's recently implemented refund policy. I hope that it's actually pushing publishers towards taking some responsibility for the state of their games and discouraging shoddy events like these from happening in the first place. Even if this results in PC versions getting delayed for a month or three, that would absolutely be preferable.

I let GMG's low price fool me into a pre-purchase against my better judgment, so shame on me for that. Though GMG came through following WB's statement and are now offering refunds, I hope they manage to update their quite bad refund policy. The issue there seems to be they can't revoke or replace the key they sent out, only Valve can do that, and apparently Valve doesn't have staff or a system assigned to handle those kinds of reseller requests? Valve just needs to verify the request with the user, revoke the key, remove game from library, and send GMG a new one. Why is that not a thing?

Anyway, I've no idea how that stuff actually works, that's their problem to fix, and until they do, this will likely have been my last ever GMG pre-purchase. I feel there's a limit to how much I value this consumer protection in terms of a monetary amount, versus the risk of a specific game ending up bullshit, but in general I will not pre-order from anywhere that doesn't have a decent refund policy. I will never pre-order from Steam (or Origin) on account of their prices being ridiculous. €60+ is overcharging by €15+. Think GOG is the only store I'd consider at this point.

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HITMAN is December 8th for the initial (digital only) release. With stuff getting shoved in until the game gets a complete, and physical, release in 2016.

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The massive question now that we have FO4 revealed is.. there even a snowballs chance in hell that there is another FO game in development by the team that did NV?

Not that I ain't super excited for this..but more big open rpgs like this are always good.

The problem with Bethesda from the angle of someone playing their games is that their writing tends to be...not very good. Obsidian was a perfect match. But unfortunately from the angle of an independent game studio, Bethesda is basically Satan. So no, I don't think so.

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Gave them a tenner quidsterling. I'm not really looking for a resurgence of 90-00's 3D platformers, but I appreciate the easy-going, waffling nature of them. There's so few of them nowadays, especially quality ones. I'm cool with one appearing every now and then.

Everyone buy Grow Home.

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Thirding the fix from @sic24 (thanks!). Just disallowing in HTTPS Everywhere allowed the videos to load and auto-quality properly.

Also solved it in Firefox.

And it fixed this.

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Quantum Break is probably also 2016. This makes me sad. My sadness was a pounding thump echoing through the night, like an elephant on stilts. I had to find some remedy.

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Peace out!

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I'm pretty sure this game will eventually be available on at least Xbox One as well. We'll know whenever Capcom's no longer contractually obliged to blow smoke.

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I haven't played the game, but watching the scene, the feelings conjured up within me beyond "oh god what happened to that guy's arm!?" was this...

Don't think that's the feeling they were going for. Then I felt kind of silly for feeling this way about a Call of Duty game. But they did try to create this quiet emotional moment, so it's fair to criticize I feel.

Then I felt we need a JimAbrahams game.

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