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Was worried about the lack of any PC news until this popped up. Trailers had only shown console logos before but, coming from the Zeno Clash team, I would have been shocked to see no PC release. Game looks awesome. Definitely going to get it. Now if only it had a preorder hat incentive....

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I could name a ton of games that needs a Quick Look but will unfortunately neer be Quick Looked :( Garbage Truck Simulator and Learning With The PooYoos for example. They don't seem to keen to produce those kind of Quick Looks for the time being, which is a shame because it is summer and the big holidays season is only a few weeks away.

I'm still waiting for the E.Y.E. Quicklook as promised by Brad on the Bombcast a few weeks back...

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LIMBO - considering how short that game is, I saw way too much in trailers/reviews and the GB GOTY awards for 2010. Only just got around to it on PC and the experience has suffered slightly due to the overexposure.

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I've been doing the most I can since I moved to Japan last Summer - weights 3 times a week, eating healthy and lots of Whey protein. Put on 15KG as a result. Lack of cardio meant I gained a little fat as well as muscle, but I've started running regularly now for 30 minutes at a time to try and sort that out. Body fat up by about 5% which is sort of inevitable when you try to eat at least 3,000 calories a day...

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@Purple_Proletarius: I have a large suitcase I use to take my clothes and stuff to college. It has a number lock on a key lock. Whenever I'm away for any amount of time, I just put my laptop and valuables in there, fill it with some sheets/covers for padding and extra weight and leave it where I put it initially.

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@Twisted_Scot: the Borderlands 2 announcement wasn't tied to an event, it's tied to the newest issue of Game Informer, who came out and announced it the next day anyway. Being upset about it is one thing, but calling it out as shoddy journalism is in bad taste.
Yeah I didn't say it was tied to an event I said perhaps they were going to make their own big announcement at one of the upcoming event and GI just screwed them out of it by printing that issue 1st. Id be pissed if I were Gearbox in this case as well. Since I havent read the full GI article i cant say whether it is or isn't shoddy journalism :)

They weren't annoyed about the GI issue - they had a cover feature and full access. That was the official reveal.

It was Eurogamer posting a story a few days before 'confirming' the game's development that they called shoddy journalism.

And yeah, I used to really respect Randy Pitchford and all the interviews I'd seen him in painted him as a pretty cool guy. But, with his twitter comments regarding bad reviews for DNF, and now this lash out at Journalists for trying to, you know, actually do some journalism and not just be an extension of company PR, makes me thing he's loosing the plot somewhat...

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Games on consoles are looking dated as hell. They are starting to look "pretty good" the way we have to qualify Wii games as "pretty good... for the Wii". Faces are bad and bodies are worse as are their animations (walking, etc). Not to mention, "shiny graphics" is not the primary benefit of new hardware. Maybe let's finally have multiplayer games that are bigger than 12v12 and with bigger maps and arenas? Maybe more than 9gb DVD media on the 360? Maybe capable of displaying more animations and activities on screen at one time? Maybe better AI than the miserable crap we have now?

The only way you couldn't be a big hungry for "more" is if you haven't played a PC game since 2005 - when this commodity console hardware first game out.

As soon as you can cram enough power into a box to make a difference in the experience, it needs to be done. And let's not hamper it by keeping it to $300. That's laughable for something you'll use for 5+ years and buy dozens or hundreds of $30-$60 games for. Chage $600 or $900 for it, if that'll allow better quality and greater power. It's okay if you want to charge as much for an entire machine as we're used to paying just for a video card.

You really think any company will dot hat after the $599 fiasco and how badly that cost Sony this gen? Pricing that high will maybe make you a profit on hardware and add longevity but your initial adoption rate gets f*cked and your market share dwindles to nothing. MS and Sony make most of their cash off software. For that to be profitable, they need a lot of consoles out there with a high attach rate. Limiting their audience by pricing like that makes no sense from a business perspective.

Expect $400 at the most for the next gen.

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5th and final year of Japanese at Oxford University. Dissertation time baby, yeah (On game industry growth and government related tax incentives no less).

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Who will be the powerhouse in hardware? I beleive 720 will be hands down. It is said to use a custome built Bulldozer CPU and will be custome AMD/ATI GPU in combo with the Bulldozer should make for a great combo for graphics. Sony has said they are going cheaper next gen and not gointg to rely so much on the best most expensive hardware. Not to say PS4 will not have comparible graphics and both 720 and PS4 will have a lot of the same games. I just think the 720>>>PS4 for all out brute power especialy being it will be running a Bulldozer CPU this is the best news thus far for 720.

Dude the cell processor is way more powerful than any consumer CPU. Check yo' facts son.

Bulldozer will >>> Cell

I think he was being sarcastic... At least, I hope so.

And yes, speculation at this point is pointless. We have more info to go on regarding the Wii U and even that's an unknown at this point despite already having been unveiled.