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Bi-coastal Unprofessional Fridays need to happen!

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I've been a subscriber pretty much since there have been subscriptions on GB. I have noticed some changes over the years as well, but nothing that has made me unsub. To each his/her own, I guess...

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"and a promise there won't be specific tie-ins to Facebook technology."

I do wonder how long that promise will be kept.

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Also, Zynga has crapped all over any game company that wants to IPO any time soon... thanks Zynga!!!!

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I still am absolutely amazed at how much revenue Zynga brings in for making digital cows that players need to click every 6 hours...

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@Rasmoss said:

When you've bought the game, you've already supported it, but you couldn't know it was a "shoddy product based on unkept promises" before you finished it.

So don't buy the next one. Welcome to capitalism, everyone.

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The issue being discussed should be the fact that the writers badly fucked up this stories ending and should be held just as accountable as the Lost team was for their shitty happy go lucky ending that absolutely misunderstood all the content that came before it.

a) How entitled gamers are ruining gaming as an artform.

nice example.

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@walter_sobchak said:

Wait, what? What is the other side you speak of? "People for the ending of stories in only a favorable way"? Ending stories is hard.

"its hard" has never, ever been a good defense for incompetence.

Yeah, I didn't mean to trivialize it like that. I know "it's hard" isn't a good defense, but I think you calling the Bioware team incompetent is an unfair trivialization as well. I understand that some people are very upset about this matter. I'd hope they could ultimately see all the factors that went into making any video game. Time pressure, money constraints, too many chefs, the fleeting aspect of joy and fulfillment in one's job...

I'm going to sound condescending when i say this, so I apologize. But seriously, everyone complaining about ME3 in a way other than just saying they didn't like it... I mean those people demanding re-writes, contacting the government to complain, boycotting Bioware, etc... those people... should actually try to make something like a video game on this scale. I'm serious here. Collaborate with hundreds of people across dozens of disciplines. Manage everything successfully within the constraints of time, budget (yes even huge games like this have to ship within a budget), real life issues, etc. Have that creation consumed and dissected by hundreds and thousands of people. If someone can survive all that and still complain about something like the ending to this amazingly crafted experience, more power to you.

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Spike Murphy filing a complaint to the FTC is definitely over the line. He's wasting OUR tax dollars because a story someone told didn't live up to his expectations?!? GET A FUCKING GRIP, SPIKE! Come back to planet earth and maybe try to use that energy to solve some real problems here, maybe? I'd hate to be the person who has to read his crap as part of their job for the federal government, decide if it legally has merit, etc... waste all that time on something so amazingly frivolous in the grand scheme of things. Get a fucking grip on reality, Spike and stop wasting my money because you are butt-hurt that some imaginary character in some imaginary world wasn't somehow fulfilled with imaginary rewards.

You good sir are a drama queen.

Oh yeah, maybe I'll file a report with the federal government about it. :P

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@GrandHarrier said:

Patrick. What about the reactions of journalists during all of this? Isn't it telling that members of the game media have to a large degree, lashed out against people asking for a fixed ending. Just go back and look at both Giant Bombs, IGNs, Penny Arcades and other assorted outlets absolutely ripping into fans because they might actually get what they want. In many ways more childishly than the "entitled" gamers they are labeling.

Why is the games media ignoring that this isn't a precedent. It's happened throughout human history. Authors. Painters. Directors. Games producers. All have taken feedback and changed their works. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with Sherlock Holmes. Charles Dickens with Great Expectations. Movies like Clerks, Bladerunner, Return of the Jedi. Games like Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia 2008.

You realize Lost responded to fan feedback too, Patrick. Do you feel its "artistic merit" is diminished because of that?

I'd enjoy seeing if you could objectively write an article from the other side. I respect you and hope that you could.

Wait, what? What is the other side you speak of? "People for the ending of stories in only a favorable way"? Ending stories is hard. It is not always going to work out the way you want. That's is part of the human existance. There is no reality where we could all be happy with every ending to every story, so you are arguing for the impossible. I think most critics posses critical thinking to be able to realize that... maybe that's why most critics are approaching it that way. Those demanding a reality in which all story endings are favorable and rewarding are delusional and wasting their time. ... aaaaand I'm arguing on the internet, wtf.