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@RadioFlyer: Yeah, this has been a very negative, cynical year. It's bothering me, too. I'm glad someone else feels this way.

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"Activision had previously disclosed it had set aside one billion dollars for the case, if the outcome went against Activision in the worst possible way."

What does this sentence mean? They set aside money if the outcome went against them?

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Ah, very good. Sending an invite request now. GamerTag is WillieCuatro4.

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I can't even BELIEVE that there is a debate about this. I read the story (which was really great) and tried to watch the embedded videos. I couldn't finish watching the video because it was so embarrassing. Anyone defending this guy should really take inventory of themselves. Great read, Patrick.

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@Ares42: I actually totally get where you are coming from. When I saw the Quick Look EX, the way the guy was playing actually turned me off of the game a little bit. I guess I'd kind of like to see the skate to this game's THPS, at least as far as the tricks are concerned. The game as a whole looks quite good, though.

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Glad to hear there is some overlap between the GB community and the MBMBaM fans. I've been on that train since ep1 and have been hooked ever since.

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@AlexW00d said:

The pair of Levis I am wearing are 514s, which I believe are their slim variety, all though not that slim. But I do prefer slim jeans, not skinny though, as I hate the bagginess that regular cut jeans seem to have on me. Plus baggy jeans should have stayed in the 90s.

Yep, 514's are where its at.

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Haha yeah, that sounds like an IGN article. I have to chuckle when people tell me that their main source of gaming related news is still IGN. A few years ago, it was excusable, but I feel like there are so many higher-quality sources of information out there now.

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@ballblaster: I'm in the exact same boat on the Joystiq Podcast. I really can't stand the guys who handle the show now, and really don't feel like the format serves the same (worthwhile) purpose that the Chris, Justin, and Luddy show did. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say on this topic.