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Jacob died for me, sent him in since he volunteered even though my heart told me to send tali. I romanced miranda my first playthrough but like tali way more, just felt obligated to do miranda tbh. Honestly I think it was pretty obvious you're supposed to choose samara/jack/morinth for the biotic barrier because their biotics are way better than mirandas story-wise. Oh yeah zaeed died too. But who the fuck cares about zaeed.

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I played draw my thing on omgpop back before it was the popular thing to do, can't stand the people who bandwagon onto this ugh.

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Just finished it, had to write something about it. I think my most memorable moment was when I was scaling the mountain and my partner had hid from the monsters but i didn't and got thrown back to the start of the area. I had avoided all of the ones in the underground area, and when this happened it was kinda shocking. Of course the surfing and the end were amazing as well. The only thing I'm a little disappointed about is at the end it said I had met 7 people, but thinking about I can only think of 3 or 4. Apparently it changed without me realizing it so I can't know who it was so fun to be with.

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@Video_Game_King: Fill in the penis joke? not even sure if you meant it but lol.

Also, altitude is pretty awesome idk if they're still up but there were servers especially for new players if you want to play online. I may or may not have put over 1000 hours into that game -_-.

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Really liked these last two episodes, thought it was a good way to show s-links while not intruding too much into the plot. AND NANAKO IS SO ADORABLE AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. Looking forward to how they're gonna handle King's game, my bet is either rise lays here head in Yu's lap or Piggy back ride with Yosuke, cause I really feel they're setting up the Yu/Rise thing.

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@AnimZero said:

Wow, you guys. What's wrong with Ryan and Patrick? I think they're pretty awesome. At any rate, I'm excited for the new Endurance Run. (:

My problem with patrick and ryan, especially together, is that they can be way too cynical and not give games a chance. Ryan in particular seems to assume he knows things which he doesn't, and doesn't admit to not knowing these things. Patrick is okay, but he suffers similarly and whenever ryan is in a ql with him they kinda enable each other in their cynicism. It's hard to describe, and I'm sure not everyone feels that way. The Conduit 2 quick look probably exemplifies this the best. But whatevs, an ER is an ER so I'll at least give it a chance.

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I've always thought scores were silly to a certain extent; that the true value in a review is in its critiques and not a number. It's a given that Uncharted 3 looks and plays well, I'm more interested in an overall evaluation of the experience and what it could do better than reviewers saying how a game is pretty. The difference between an 8-9 to me is negligible, all I need to get from that is "this game is good and you should probably play it". The only number I hold sacred is a 10, which should be reserved for a select few games that will remain ingrained in gaming culture for a long time.

P.S. that's why Giant Bomb's rating system is the best :D. Easy to understand, and not prone to petty arguments.

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(Watches Yukiko on the midnight Channel, get a call from Yosuke)

Yosuke: Did you see that?

Yu (Charlie): I wish I taped it.

I could not stop laughing XD

this was so good. I also love how at the Junes right before Yu and Yosuke got arrested there were a bunch of origami cranes on the table. Little nods make it SO GOOD

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I agree it was a little fast but then again in the game the opening part was way too drawn out imo. Voice acting was good, I like the voice of Yu and think he acts very similarly to what I'd imagined he would. The voice of Izanagi was pretty badass as well, though I didn't think the fight scene was fantastic just okay. But hey, its the first fight against the weakest enemies. Looking forward to later episodes and how they're gonna handle the whole s-link/relationship stuff.