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The Northies was a joke category that was funny once that they then ran into the ground. Instead of doing it again with some other VA they should just do a general best VA award.

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Lilly Caul should be renamed just "Lilly". While Telltale may have originally intended to have the Lilly in the game be the same Lilly from the graphic novels, those plans changed with the release of "The Road to Woodbury" that gives Lilly Caul a completely different backstory than the Lilly in the game. Telltale removed all official references tying their Lilly to the comic series and they are now considered different people who happen to be named Lilly.

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Sonny Strait and Don Strait should be combined. Although Don is his real name, Sonny is the name he uses professionally so that should be the main page name. Don should be kept as an alias since he was credited as that at least once.

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@JazGalaxy said:

I think it was the part where you step off the ship and some thugs are beating up a kid, and then you save him and wind up getting dark side points because you didn't teach him a lesson about self reliance and he wound up getting even more beat up later, or something like that, where I was like "this game is just stupid" and quit. It was clearly way too up it's own butt.

WTF. You don't get dark side points for that. You just lose influence with Kreia.

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@Ravenlight said:

It's weird to have Princess Leia's apparently steampunk robot heart tell me backstory about the world.

The heart is voiced by April Stewart. She also voices the Empress which implies that it's her heart.

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Old Salty Crab from Sleeping Dogs.

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Godspeed you beautiful bastard.

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The Drunktank/Roosterteeth podcast was better when it was just the core RvB group. Now Geoff hasn't been on the podcast in ages and they're constantly switching in random employees of the company most of who I don't really care about.

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Frostbite 2? The single cave that they'll use over and over again should look really nice then.