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" @Wolswor: I edited out your referral link. Nice try, but referral links and spam are specifically prohibited in the rules. Read the stickies. "
QQ moar please.
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You ever wake up in the morning and feel like manly man, full of testerone and MANLY STRENGTH!?  Well, this is the game for you then, my comrades.
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Small children need not apply.

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Uhh...you complain that you find killing things monotonous?  Every single game has you kill a set number of enemies, just because it doesn't say "kill 20 bandits" doesn't mean it is some unique experience.
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Really?  I don't think someone stealing your guns will be a HUGE surpise.  If you are playing with random people and A) they aren't talking, B) they're running on top of every single item right away or C) they won't stfu about the "1377" piece of loot that drops in this zone you should probably suspect that they will steal your guns.  It's not like you can't tell who is an item whore when you play these types of games.
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People shit a brick that valve creates Left4Dead 2, but Halo 3 ODST is a brand new fresh game? Lawl.

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All the saw movies are pretty bad, they think WAAAY too much of themselves.  I'd rather watch a PoS scifi movie that was made on a budget of 250$ but it doesn't take itself so seriously.  I mean, In saw II(III mabye?)  They go to such elaborate lengths to try and convince you that this evil dude is such a mastermind and this movie, while fake, contains things that make it seem real.  Then you see the main villan, an old dude with cancer, drive off a fucking cliff, get impaled, take the damn pole out of his chest and get up and walk off.  WTF SAW?!?

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What?  You guys act like you just fall into game developing.  I'm PRETTY sure most people enjoy their jobs as developers, especially if it's it a big name company.  As for what was promised in Fable two that wasn't delivered, off the top of my head, the ability to play with your friend's hero....it was changed to where it was just a henchman instead.  I made this thread because we all know that this is going to happen....
*Interview with PM on Fable 3*
Peter: yes, uh, Fable 3 is going to break the genre of RPG playing I think, there's going to be so many moral choices that players are going to feel as if they are truly connected to their character....we are going to try our best at pulling the emotional strings of the gamers.  And it won't just be clear-cut evil and good, but many gray ambiguous areas between the two(when in reality...it WILL just be evil/good, like in Fable and in Fable 2, excluding the ending of fable 2).
The combat in Fable 2 was a PoS as well, once you get fireball lvl 4(5?) you could just spam that shit and kill anything.  I can't wait to hear how the combat is "revolutionizing" and will encourage the player to pursure a wide range of combat specialties.
Am I saying that the games were terrible?  no, they were good games.  I'm just tired of hearing Molyneux tell me about all the "cool" features, that will slowly get slashed off the list, until it just likes like Fable with improved graphics. 

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I wonder what features promised won't make it into Fable III.

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Liberty Prime's bomb, without a doubt. Go go console commands!

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Wait...Wait...wait...."I'm not even a fan of survivor horror games to begin with. Always hate moments that make my heart skip a beat."  Wtf are you doing even looking at this game?  Hoping the Wii will water it down for ya?On-rails eliminate the horror/scary/shock value...and they are applying this to...a horror/shock game? I'm sorry but all of your points seem to only empahsize how shitty Wii ports are.  "yeah, ok, so I KNOW that it isn't the greatest but LOOK!!!! You can turn faster!  Well....not really you, but....the computer turns you faster!"  The wii is a craptastic system that only has two categories; CASUAL MINI GAMES, and ON RAIL SHOOTERS.  Oh, I guess you could maaaybe add a third "good games. updates once every 2-3 years"

And to address the whole reason you made this post, it won't be dead space.  That is impossible, half of the "oh shit" moments were when you were suddenly zerged by 5+ necromorphs in a small hall and you turned around and ran for your life, in order for this to work they would have only two options. 1) eliminate those moments from the game complely. Or 2) make necromorphs so weak that they aren't a threat unless you blindly mash your head against your T.V hoping to win.  They will have to scrap certain spawn locations of enemies that came from behind unless they want to cheese up the sudden turn around! On-Rails fun action that is used so much.