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ME1 download at 12% 
of course I make the mistake of launching steam when I actually have disposable $$ 
but sometimes mistakes can be funn ^^

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not half as weird as that cirque du soleil thing they were talkin about on the ustream last night 

didn't expect to find this image so easily on the official xbox website!  
can't wait to see that craziness in video form!
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I'm interested, but not sure if I can hoof the investment...  Probably spent way too much on now-dust-collecting plastic instruments for one lifetime...

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just a quick thought because I just started playing bioshock 2 
I did somewhat enjoy the original, though it wasn't quite the life-changer I had been hoping for 
and the sequel does justice to the established setting and gameplay mechanics 
(& just like the first game I die over & over & struggle with health & ammo on medium, switch to easy, and suddenly I'm tripping all over supplies and surviving possibly too many bullets, but I gotta finish the rental!  though from a peek at some FAQs it appears I'm already almost halfway through? talk about short!)

but isn't it strange that the original game kind of made a statement near the end about blindly following directions from "helpers" unseen and their golden arrows? 
and it very much would put you in an area and allow you to explore and find all the secrets & loot at your own pace 
whereas the sequel very much has Sinclair hounding you over & over "c'mon c'mon get back to the train" 
I appreciate the hint feature when holding select to access the map 
but does a voiceover (who constantly interrupts the diaries I'm trying to listen to by the way) have to constantly push you towards the objective? 
I guess going for that broad audience has its consequences 
ok ok back to it

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other people's NES's and genesis's and SNES's , my very own game boy, secondhand NES, christmas morning genesis, secondhand SNES, selling it all for a PSX, saving first couple of paychecks ever for a PS2, finally breaking down for a gamecube when the zelda bundle came out, selling it all again for an xbox for halo alone (not worth it - though halo 2 was fun & so was rallisport challenge 2), a second gamecube I didn't keep very long, bit of a hiatus, first decent PC (cuz I "needed it for school"!), secondhand slim PS2, third gamecube, and finally PS3. 
mario/duckhunt, street fighter II, tetris, tekken 3, ssx 3 (owned for all 3 systems over time, not at the same time of course), final fantasy VI and chrono trigger, zelda and metroid renaissance in college, guitar hero, finally finishing final fantasy IX years later, and as for current gen - DIRT/GRID, rock band, and maybe modern warfare and uncharted (jury's still out which I'll remember the most)

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borderlands? torchlight?

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I do need to finish Ratchet & Clank Crack in Time... 
& that annoying part near the end of Half Life 2 Episode 2 didn't seem worth going back to 
Fallout 3 & Dragon Age are games I'm afraid of getting sucked into 
& Torchlight is more of a guilty pleasure drug addiction than a game 
& the Gamefly's keep coming too!

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I've seen this on a bargain bin DVD 
but on a new full priced game? 
I'd be a bit peeved.

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10th grade, school hallway, & never saw her again  
(she was on her way out of the school for the last time, moving away) 
tried to keep in touch but got weird in less than 5 emails 
but how knows how that would've ended up 
I'm happy the way the smoochin portion life has turned out

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You mean its not a lower priced downloadable?  
(actually I've seen it on amazon & gamefly but I just can't believe they're pressing that game on a disc
I just hope the racing gameplay is more solid than sackboy's jumping!)

& the wii is really flourishing lately... interesting wiiware stuff, good third and first party games coming soon, 
and especially if you just got one,  massive quality back catalog.