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Poor 360, I think it's finally time to retire that thing.

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You could argue that because she cares about the dude who got the leg chomped off, she freaks out.

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I think the Xbox One is many things (a TV/Netflix box for some, a gaming console for others) for many different people. Some people will want buy a One just for the ability to control your TV with your voice and gestures. When Microsoft says that Xbox One is Kinect, they're catering at a specific crowd.

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I love me some short, story based games.

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I already own one, everyone should own one. It's the shit.

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That's Patrick and Bill Gates's illegitimate son.

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Great read. Definitely a better take on the story than simply the "Phil Fish loses it, Fez 2 cancelled" side of it that most outlets seem to be approaching this from. I bet we will see Fez 2 one day, this'll probably just delay it a bit. Then again, the game never had a release date so this delay won't really mean anything once the game finally comes out in 2020.

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He went all the way up his own ass and is now lost somewhere in there

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Dude makes one game, thinks he's the shit

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Poor DC. They try so hard. This movie is guaranteed money because people still like Batman, but as mentioned above, the whole Zack Snyder part leaves me less than optimistic. At least the action scenes will be well-shot.

I haven't seen Man of Steel yet but I hear it's better than Sucker Punch so it must be pretty ok. Snyder can make pretty cool movies (sometimes) so I wouldn't write this one off just yet. Plus, if Christopher Nolan produces, one could hope that it won't be too big of a disaster.