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I've been using a Steelseries 6Gv2 for the last year or two and I've been very happy with it. The keys aren't illuminated, which was a bit of a bummer, but it's super sturdy and doesn't have any extra function buttons, which is a plus for me.

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Steam name: GoneSerious

Location: New York/US-E

Bracket: doesn't matter to me, i'm comfortable in high

Number of wins: 263

Favorite role and favorite hero (if any): anything but hard support? favorite heroes are clock, TA, and lina if that helps.

rather not captain, but could.

thanks guys!

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Steam name: GoneSerious

Location: US-E. my playing times depend on the day and my rehearsal schedule. usually evening/late night EST, but sometimes early afternoon also.

Experience: beginner/intermediate? whatever 187 wins with a ~50% WR counts as

Favorite Role: Any, though playing the 5 spot isn't my favorite.

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i went ahead and made this for Norm. visiting family in miami and something about the color/font combo just seemed obvious.

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thank you all so much and for your input! one of my biggest questions was which program to get started with, so knowing that it kinda doesn't matter is a really big help. i had already started messing around with Blender (since it's free) and i'll gladly keep going with that since it seemed pretty easy to use.

if anyone else feels like posting any kind of tutorials/sites/videos/etc. on here, i think it would be awesome for this thread to be a repository of that kind of knowledge. i'm sure and i aren't the only two curious about this.

also, just out of curiosity, why would ZBrush, specifically, not be good for beginners?

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dear bombers,

i've come to a bit of an awkward place. i'm a 29 year old college graduate (BA - Philosophy) from new york city who has been working as a professional dancer for the last ~8 years since graduating. i love my career. i'm working pretty constantly and hope to keep doing so for another couple of years at least, but there will come a time in the not-too-distant future when i'll have to move on from being a performer to a new career and a new path. i have no desire to choreograph, and, while i love teaching, it's not something i wish to pursue as a career. with that in mind, for the last few years, between gigs that have me traveling abroad, i've been building up my skills in other areas. i work as a dance photographer and have been working my way into doing more studio and product photography. i intern, when i can, with a small graphic design firm using the skills in photoshop, illustrator, indesign, and lightroom that i've picked up through my photography. during that internship i've started learning html/css coding so as to better understand the technical aspects of web design, and am continuing that learning process on my own. i feel confident that with more work, both on my own and collaborating with other artists i know, i'll be able to move on into any number of design-based fields when the time comes for me to move on.

and that's great.

but i want to be a 3D artist/animator. i've wanted to do it for years. i think my background in dance makes me fairly well-suited for it. but i have absolutely no idea where to start. my work makes it very difficult for me to take courses anywhere, even short-term continuing ed classes at places like SVA, Parsons, NYU, etc., but i have a good laptop (MBP) and a reasonable amount of free time, especially while on tour, so i can do lots of work on my own. however, unlike for web coding, graphic design work, and photography, the materials i've been able to find for absolute beginners to 3D art are pretty thin on the ground. so, having been a member (albeit a very quiet one) of the GB community for a number of years now, i know that this place is brimming with amazingly talented creative people, many of whom seem to have learned their skills without having gone to school for them.

so i ask of you (and here's for all of you TL;DR folks): where can a guy like me start to learn the skills required to move into a career in 3D art/animation/VFX for a (dream) job at places like Pixar, Dreamworks, Digic, ILM, etc. (or, at the very least, to have a really fun hobby doing that kind of stuff in my spare time)?

thanks all, i look forward to your responses and to seeing more of all of your talents here on GB.


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does anyone know what company did the animation for that trailer? i'm curious if it was an in-house team or if it was contracted out, but i can't find any info anywhere. help?

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i'm totally in. i'm level 20 right now. find me! GoneSerious

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i couldn't even begin to help myself. as soon as i saw the quakecon pack i had to buy it. there were at least 4 games in there i had been waiting to buy on sale and i got them all (and like 25 other games) for the cost of one new major release. finally got to play Brink on the PC, which might actually get me playing an FPS again after a couple years off. interested to try Hunted, probably going to end up playing Morrowind again, and will actually finally play Oblivion.

also oddly excited to have Commander Keen, for whatever reason.

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i was going to write something about how people who are giving this article the TL;DR treatment are idiots and are missing out, but i just realized the TL;DR crowd probably doesn't trouble themselves with reading random comments either. instead i'll say this.

thanks alex, for addressing my only concern about this game completely. now i'm really looking forward to it!

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