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A game Jeff, and Vinny </3, should QL is what!

I'm sure Jeff and Dan will do it justice.

I was surprised by how respectful they were during the One Piece quicklook.

I think if Dan wasn't there willing to go with the wackyness and give it a try Jeff would've been a lot more destructive about it. Which was a good thing, it looked fun and it made the QL fun too.

Yup. Same with that Long Night QL, too. In fact Jeff even said it looked ''kinda cool'', which... goes against all rules of reality, but Dan evidently has that effect :P Long Night still looks a janky pile of rubbish, but I was surprised at how fair they were judging it as opposed to ripping into it at every turn.

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Man, that was great. Lot of really exciting action sequences, and Bloody Mary's true form was wonderfully disturbing and sinister. AND HOLY SHIT FINAL FORM BIGBY <33333

So, choices!

Killed Georgie

I beat the shit out of this guy at every chance I could. Though while it seemed more fitting to let him suffer, I've played my Bigby as someone who deep down enjoys the killing and still has those same urges. Whenever I can solve a situation with violence, I've taken it -- I killed Dee (or Dum?) and i tore off Grenn's arm. I also answered with an ellipsis to Holly when she was passed out on painkillers and suggested that Bigby enjoys the carnage. Anywhoo, fuck Georgie.

Killed Crooked Man

Like I said, my Bigby wanted this guy dead, for his own sense of justice and again because part of him enjoys it. Plus, he's the sorta guy that would have likely been able to worm his way out of a trial.

I stayed till the end of the trial

Didn't even realise I could have walked out of it... I enjoyed witnessing the aftermath all the same; I stood by my choices and didn't apologise for my actions. I even threw some of the blame at the other Fables for getting mixed up in Crooked Man's schemes at that.

Also, I was surprised to see Lawrence again it had been so long... Typical really that a character that could also die would then basically cease to exist during the rest of the game. I mean obviously a lot of your choices are primarily illusions, but still, you'd hope for a bigger choice like between whether a character lives or die would have more of an impact. But Lawrence is basically AWOL throughout the whole thing.

Accepted TJ's gift for Snow

Dat Clementine voice... My heart just melts and I've always been extra sweet towards TJ. Sucks that Toad had to be sent to the farm, especially since I had given him some cash to buy a glamour. His own bloody fault, I guess. I do like how Toad called me out on Colin mysteriously being absent to go to the farm.

Last words to Nerissa

During that conversation I made Bigby sound frustrated that nobody's ever fucking happy with his actions. I played it up as if Bigby truly believes in his rather strict code of honour. My final words were ''None of it matters in the end''.


I'll admit that the Crooked Man didn't seem quite as nefarious as I was hoping, but overall I really enjoyed TWoU. Though there's often such a long interval between episodes that I tend to forget a lot of little details... Like when the game throws that ''Nerissa = Faith?'' twist, I was left perplexed until I started reading this thread. And even then, what does it matter? I guess the whole point is that Bigby was being manipulated? Even if it was still for the same cause you're striving for throughout the story. Also, I wish Jersey and Dum (or Dee?) could have got theirs. The opening scene in Crooked Man's place had me ready to slaughter fucking everyone in the room if the game allowed it!

Hope there'll be a Season 2 anywhoo. Until then, bring on more TWD S2 and Tales from the Borderlands! We haven't even had TWD S2's episode four yet have we?

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@video_game_king: Well, yeah, that's the gist.... but it has no bearing on the gameplay; you're not constantly having to baby sit Ellie like a typical escort mission.

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Isn't The Last of Us just one long escort mission? Like, the most literal application of escort mission imaginable?

No. Ellie's invulnerable, can provide assistance in combat, and she'll never blow your cover during any stealth encounters. Though that's because she's practically invisible to enemy AI more so than her having effective pathfinding.

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I always liked Brian Irons. His VO was surprisingly well done, in an exaggerated B-movie sort of way -- Alfred Ashford's the same way. I used to be obsessed with Nicholai as a kid, mainly because he was quite possibly my first introduction to the ''evil Russian'' archetype, so his accent and white buzz cut was rather novel.

In terms of the monsters, though, obviously Nemesis takes it, maybe followed by William Birkin or Mr X.

But really in all seriousness,

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1. Capcom

The most despicable villain of them all.

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'Early 2015' would be swell, but... I won't hold my breath.

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@yummylee: Just to clarify, as I am fairly certain you don't know his history but Jason is not "old friends" with the gb guys.

Jason hasn't been working (professionally) in this industry for all that long, he came from a background of doing this stuff as a hobby, but trying to get as good at it as he can to make a career out of it.

He worked his ass off to get where he has, and it is based on merit, not existing relationships within the industry.

You're right, I didn't know. I just assumed he like Dan was someone that typically mingled with Jeff and co since he too came over from Game Informer. My mistake.

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@sweep: Not that I don't agree with your post, but

Only a few months ago ya'll were complaining that the site content was stale. Now you're complaining that the new staff aren't right. *shrug*

Seriously? I would have hoped that a moderator wouldn't succumb to such lazy generalisations like this. Giant Bomb now more than ever is made up of many, many users, and to always assume that every conversation and/or controversy is spearheaded by the same users is silly and counterproductive. Different topics bring out different users.

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Last DBZ game I played was Tenkaichi 3. I remember really enjoying it at the time (playing as Future Gohan was pretty awesome), but I've never felt compelled to buy another DBZ game since then. Partly because there's just so damn many -- of varying quality at that. Maybe one day... would be nice to reindulge in my once proud DBZ fanboyism again.