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Has a funny little fake advertisement for Terra Save in there, with all kinds of faux-smiles and the like. Weirdly enough it's being narrated by Barry Burton, or at least his voice actor in any case. What's also interesting is that as I predicted it seems Moira isn't quite on the best of terms with her dad, even going so far as to call him Barry. That'll likely be the reason why she perhaps doesn't like using firearms, what with Papa Burton being something of a gun nut.

Voice acting seems decent anywhoo, though the actual quality of the CG is preeetty poor. It doesn't look fantastic for starters, but what really stands out is its wooden facial expressions and awkward animations. But hey, budget game and all that, I suppose.

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@slag said:

You know seeing how many comments you got on your actual review vs this one, makes me wonder if user reviews should be allowed to be posted to the forums like blogs.

Maybe might encourage more people to write them if they knew they would get seen by more people.

I had actually talked to Rorie about this some time ago when I was asking if it was OK to post my The Evil Within review to the forums. Funnily enough it was he who had actually brought up the idea of having user reviews able to be directly posted to the forums ala blogs. Though at the same time he was pretty frank about how long it would take for such a feature to be properly implemented...

Still, I really hope such an idea will eventually come to fruition because of how hidden away user reviews are on their own. When I had linked my TEW review to someone in the comments of Patrick's review, he said that he actually had no idea the site even had user reviews on here to begin with. Plus considering that there's no longer a sideline of followed user updates anymore, then all you really have is the notifications to rely on someone noticing your review, and we all know how 'stable' they are...

EDIT: The same thing should be implemented for lists, too.

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@jslack: Alritey then, good to know!

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Pretty solid review,Yum-Lee. While I am enjoying it more than you did, I DO get where you're coming from with the issues and whatnot. Kinda reminds me of how I tried numerous times to get into Oblivion and just couldn't( A friend of mine and I DID finally sit down and finish that game though) of the mechanics and issues of that completely turned me off.

Solid read, man.

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Solid review. I could almost feel your yearning for a deeper RPG system from reading it. While I don't fully adhere to that notion, I do agree that modern Bioware games only have a flashy veneer of depth instead of the actual thing. The bad MMO influences don't help one bit either.


@humanity said:
@deathshroud said:

@ll_exile_ll: agree I am having a blast with it . I like the story .. Yeah some part are clunky like the dialog wheel but does not sour my experience.

I'm having a ton of fun with it as well. It's amazing how lost you can get in just exploring the world and unlike Skyrim I feel that most places reward you with interesting and hand crafted locations, instead of cut and paste caves with little of worth within.

Also no problem with the dialog wheel - it's probably the best invention for console RPG's of the last generation.

My only complaint is that the tactical view is a little too close and the combat system is not explained enough. For instance I don't remember them ever telling you that if you stun someone with Pommel Strike and follow it up with Twin Fangs you'll do a combo resulting in damage over time. There are a lot of similar combinations.

Overall the biggest complaint for me is that there are a lot of things going on and not a lot of them are explained very well or telegraphed properly. You learn how things work through experimentation and trial and error but it could have been handled better.

I guess it's not for everyone but I really think it's an exceptional experience with a ton of fun and rewarding content.

I'll admit that for a time I did enjoy exploring around purely for the sake of exploring due to how well crafted many of the environments are. I particularly loved the swamp level with all of the undead that's essentially one long road leading up to some fortress.

@starvinggamer said:

Only skimmed mostly because I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree. Just wanted to mention that I think the dialogue wheel is one of the best parts. It helps remove a lot of the ambiguity when attempting to summarize full dialogue into a scant few words. Taken out of context, "I need specifics" has almost no tonal connotations, but thanks to the wheel system I know that by choosing that line my character will be delivering a direct/aggressive response. Maybe there's a better system out there somewhere that maintains the nuance without having to write out the lines completely like DA:O (where it made sense because the MC wasn't voiced), but I can't think of what that would be. Having only three options can feel a bit limiting, but there's a fucking preponderance of dialogue for the MC already, recorded four times over. At some point enough has to be enough.

@brodehouse said:

Let's not confuse things with "dialogue wheel"... the wheel itself is not a problem, it doesn't matter if options are presenting in a circle or a list... the only relevant problem would be the effectiveness of their paraphrasing text leading into the voiced dialogue. To that extent, I think Inquisition has done alright. Maybe it's just a halo effect, but I feel like Mass Effect 2 was the best they ever did at nailing the paraphrasing. 1 could occasionally take something harsh but relatively innocuous and suddenly Shepard's yelling some xenophobic shit.

I would ideally prefer the list because it's typically better suited to showing me exactly what I'm going to say. I think back to KOTOR 2 in particular, during when I think you first encounter that white-haired Jedi master lady. Aria...? Or something. In any case, you get into this huge discussion with her, and each option of dialogue you have is sometimes literally like 3 sentences long! Or... they're lengthy in any case. It admittedly looks real clunky from a presentation standpoint, but still, I appreciated how verbose some of my options could be. I guess they could still somehow try to better fit in longer lines of dialogue for your character into the wheel somehow, or of course at least do a better attempt at making sure that every option (mostly) matches what is being said...

Still, when it comes to choosing what my character is going to say I want to have as much information as possible, whereas from all I've seen the dialogue wheel typically tends to give you the bare minimum. I consider this to be particularly important in a series like Dragon Age. The dialogue wheel admittedly didn't bother me as much in Mass Effect, as I've always went into that series with a different set of standards and expectations.

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lmao user reviews with ratings

sorry you hate things man

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Shame you didn't like it. For me, this is the fantasy RPG I've been wanting them to make for a while now and, save for a few issues, I couldn't be happier with the finished product.

You're a quick reader I see ;) And yeah, part of why I wanted to post this to the forums in the first place is because I understand I'm in the minority. That's not to say I'm doing this just to act all ''HAHAAA LOOK AT ME SHITTING OVER THIS GAME EVERYBODY LIKES'', but to throw in an alternative perspective to the otherwise universal praise it seems to have gotten.

If I'm being honest, I was actually a little intimidated at the idea even >_>

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I really like that this one has pulled the number of protagonists down to just two Also, playable Majima in something that isn't that horrendous Dead Souls has me excited, too. One of my problems with Yakuza 4 was that with four protagonists, I felt there wasn't enough story to give each and every one their due -- specifically Akiyama. So hearing Yakuza 5 has... 5 protagonists is kind of crazy. I'm still intrigued and will get Yakuza 5 day-1, though what I'm really hoping is the obvious interest in 5 will lead to Yakuza 0 getting localised down the line, too. I've kinda given up hope on the ones set in 1500s Japan or whatever ever getting an official English translation.

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Heh, shortly upon Alexa Ray Corriea joining, too :P

Mind you I actually have no idea what her thoughts are for that game. Her LOTR fandom could have it go either way really. I would presume she liked it anywhoo.

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Telltale's Tetris (TTT) arriving in 2016.

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@humanity: The first Revelations HD port came out on practically everything besides the Vita (and now ironically enough Revelations 2 is doing the same, except the 3DS... also Wii U), sold over 1M copies and was considered a success. Though while Revelations 2 looks better produced, it's still a far cry from what you'd expect to come out of their studio visually speaking, so it's hardly being developed with the full muscle behind Capcom. And that it's also an RE game (RE5) that still stands as their best selling game of all time, I think that thusly adds another notch as to why they would be willing to risk it.

Plus, people still really like Street Fighter, whereas many have fallen off of Resident Evil. So it's understandable why they're thusly trying to win some back over with RE4's new PC port, the remake remastering, and Revelations 2.

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@humanity said:

I still find it incredible that Capcom would not have the money to put out a Street Fighter sequel yet they can find the funds to make Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Revelations 2 is a cross-generational budget game, and is technically a spin-off at that. Street Fighter V on the other hand is obviously looked upon as the next big step for Street Fighter. They're not relatable at all.