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Maisie Williams is also apparently set to play Ellie. Which, sure, that's at the very least a pretty smart casting choice. Can't say I'm too excited about the movie all the same, though, especially since it's simply adapting the game's story. Completely needless far as I'm concerned.

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Souls games have british regional accents up the wazoo. Some of the best voice acting in games as well. It's a stand out feature.

Oh, most definitely. It's actually rather impressive at how much of a variety of British & Irish accents can be heard throughout those games.

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Dragon Age and most other medieval fantasy games.

It's funny that humans are British but elves are American.

Elves were retconned to be Welsh (and maybe a bit of Irish?) in Dragon Age II. Though that the dwarves are American is rather peculiar, but ironically enough it's actually a little refreshing from the constant Scottish accents they're fitted with.

Hogs of War is a game that was pretty much single-handedly voiced by Rik Mayall. Though as already mentioned British accents are typically most prominent in medieval fantasy games more than anything.

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With Dragon Age bumped up to November, I have nothing to buy in October.

Oh well!

Apparently Shadow of Mordor got bumped the other way to September, so there really is nothing for me to buy in October now.

Still an October release in the UK, though.

That said, The Evil Within is my only assured purchase. I'm pretty heavily interested in Shadow of Mordor & Alien: Isolation all the same, but I may wait for the pricing to drop a little before I get those.

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@spaceinsomniac: You haven't played L4D2? Also, that's an English cockney accent, which is basically the most common English archetype next to the snooty, upper class English.

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Despite the novel supposedly being a rip-off of Twilight, funnily enough my first thought when I saw a trailer for its movie adaptation was that it looks like a rip-off of The Secretary.

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I really oughta play BioShock 2 again sometime.