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It was the only decision in the game that caused me to hesitate. I had to think about it for several minutes. In the end though, I had enough Paragon points to save both.

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My friend and I are playing through the game. The combat's still as good as it was in ME2, the weight mechanic isn't great, but we make due. We just got to the Salarian lab, so we're not in to deep yet. We've seen some weird animations, but nothing to big to worry about. Graphics are still pretty good too. James Vega is a little grating, but not bad. The thing with EDI is odd, but whatever. It sure is convenient that we found this Prothean artifact that could wipe out the reapers, though. I wonder why we're just now finding out about this thing on Mars, of all places.

Can anyone confirm if the "From Ashes" DLC actually does anything? Or do they manage to make that character irrelevant?

It's a neat little addition, and the character seems better integrated than Zaeed or Kasumi. It's certainly not vital, though.

Do they at least give good reasons for the character not being integral to your mission? Considering what it is and its relation to the story, it seems odd that it isn't a center-point of the game.

He's the last of his kind, and a warrior. And the way he explains how Prothean society worked, it makes sense why he isn't important. I like him, he's a good addition to the crew, and elaborates on a ton of stuff about Protheans. Also, he has an amazing assault rifle. Only weapon I used throughout the game.
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I only watched the Quick Look on Tested. It looks... like it's made for tablets. I don't see a use for it on my desktop PC. Win7 is still kind of amazing, and runs everything I'd ever want. My main problem is that I don't really see any new features that I want. It's basically Win7 with a new UI.

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Eh, I'll buy it day one. Have to finish that story. That said, this will be the last Bioware game I'll buy before I've read any reviews. I don't particularly like what they're doing anymore.

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No, I've got a perfect run lying around. If Zaeed had died I wouldn't have replaying the final mission though. I really don't like him.

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I like it. It's very relaxing just flying around. I'm considering buying the Hawaii DLC, though I won't pay for any planes.

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Damn, that's a huge list. I'm in, GT ZimboDK. Getting the game tomorrow.

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I had 2 games for it. Used it for about 2 weeks, and got tired of it.
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I upgrade when I need to. I'm saving up for a new mobo and CPU at the moment. Got a Q6600 Quad that could use a replacement. I don't do complete upgrades anymore.

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Isn't there a vent you can enter to access most of the offices on the 3rd floor? I remember not having any trouble in there at all.