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Both are great games. I prefer P4 thought 'cause of the characters.

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This is the worst. I HATE WORLD!

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If I tell ya, I surely be lying, 'cause I don't remember.

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I'm so psyched for the Drew and Dave pics, I can hardly wait!

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@SupernormalStep said:

@Zripwud: planning on it as soon as the others are finished.

Woo! Great! Looking forward to it! =D

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Photoshop all this into a wallpaper, for the love of the gods. Stat!

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Yeah, it looks awesome. Keep working on it, and keep us posted.

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@Shtinky: You crazy dude?! Only Drew, Vinny or Dave could do a Dark Souls ER and not die. I mean, really die... in real life... from death. And they are way to busy for something like that.

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You know, I hate to admit it, but he pulls it off really nice. Sounds good.

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I'm on the whole 'Yu Narukami' wagon. He killed it in The Animation.