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Reilly is the leader of a band of mercenaries named Reilly's Rangers who map the Capital Wasteland and kill Super Mutants. During one mission near the Statesman Hotel, the team is overrun by Super Mutants, and are trapped a top the hotel. Reilly sets out to try and get help from the Brotherhood of Steel, since their radio was shot, during the firefight with the Mutants. Though during her escape, the Super Mutants see her, and fire upon her. Reilly is shot, but is able to escape. She is found by some ghouls, and is taken to Ghoul City in the Museum of History, where Doctor Barrows looks after her. She is badly hurt, but you are able to awaken her with a high speech or medicine skill. She tells you of what happened, and asks for your help.  

Reilly mentions that one of her team members, Theo, was killed by the Super Mutants, and holds a crate of ammo that might be useful to you. You travel to the top of the hotel, and help the Rangers escape from the Super Mutants. Afterward, you travel back to the Ranger's Headquarters, and Reilly thanks you, with much gratitude. She offers you two things for your service. The first is the Ranger Battle Armor, or the mini gun Eugene. Both are unique to this quest and you can only obtain one. 

Reilly also offers you a Geomapper Module, which records every location that you discover. If you return this information to Reilly, she will pay you in caps.

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