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Ric Flair is a professional wrestler who is a 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, holding the world championship within nearly every organization he has wrestled for. He has held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship 8 times, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship 6 times and the WWE/F Championship 2 times. He has also amassed dozens of other titles and accolades during his 35 year career as a professional wrestler. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008, and "officially retired" from active wrestling following his match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24 on March 30th 2008.

Appearance in Games

WCW: World Championship Wrestling

Ric Flair's bio in the opening of WCW: World Championship Wrestling.

The first video game to feature Ric Flair was WCW: World Championship Wrestling for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Ric is the first wrestler to have his bio featured in the attract mode if the game is left at the main menu.

WWE Crush Hour

Ric Flair in Crush Hour's character select screen.

Ric Flair makes an appearance in one of WWE's few non-wrestling games, WWE Crush Hour. Ric Flairs vehicle is a modified sports car.

Ric Flairs stats:

  • Speed - Low
  • Strength - Mid
  • Defense - High
  • Handling - Low

Ric Flair is not unlocked right from the start and has three different ways to be unlocked:

  • Complete the Survivor Series event with Triple H in season mode.
  • Complete the King of the Ring event with Rob Van Dam in season mode.
  • Complete the King of the Ring event with The Big Show in season mode.

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