giyanks22's Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy (Xbox 360) review

Just Too Short

I first heard about this game around Christmas time when I was watching the Bourne Ultimatum on DVD. They had a trailer for it in the Ultimatum. I was always complaining that there wasn't a game about Jason Bourne. Well I got my wish, and it is a pretty good answer to my prayers.

The Bourne Conspiracy has some incredible cinematic scenes, with graphics that are the best i have seen in a game I have played (I haven't played Metal Gear 4 Solid, so don't yell at me). The games regular 3D engine is very good, but not great the faces are a little rough looking (Conklin's).

The Bourne Conspiracy takes you through major action sequences in the Bourne Identity, and also lets you play as Bourne when he was an Assassin. The Campaign is just to short for me. I finished it in less than five hours, but I replayed it on harder difficulties. The missions are long, but there aren't very many, and it isn't like the missions are super long like Halo.

The hand to hand action is absolutely insane. Everything in the envirorment becomes your weapon. Bourne uses kitchen sinks, pens, books, tables, pools, chairs, and pretty much any other object you can think of. The action is extremely simple, with just two buttons for basic attacks, and one button for take downs. This action never gets boring, and can be very tedious in boss fights.

The third person shooting action is a lot of fun, but isn't groundbreaking or anything. The gun sound effects are excellent and rival those of CoD4 MW. I loved using the silenced pistol. The shooting is somewhat realistic even on easy difficulties people don't die with one or two shots to a vest, if you want one shot one kill then you need to hit in the head.

My biggest problem with the Bourne Conspiracy was that there is no multiplayer for it. I was really bummed when I walked into Gamestop, and I didn't see an Xbox live logo on the cover.

Overall the Bourne Conspiracy is an excellent game with stellar graphics, realistic sound effects, incredible hand to hand fighting, decent third person shooting, a very short campaign, and NO MULTI PLAYER .

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