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Captures the essence of Jason Bourne well 0

The Bourne Conspiracy is a relatively faithful rendering of its cinematic source in video game form through a combination of third-person shooter and beat-'em-up gameplay mechanics. The story traces the narrative of The Bourne Identity, and it's quite fun to relive some of the film's most thrilling moments. The feel of the movie itself is captured quite well with the aid of well-done, albeit short cinematics and an excellent, heart-pumping score.The game itself is pretty standard third-person sh...

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Overlooked action game 0

Pros: Feels like the movies; great combat; presentation; quality Cons: Not much to do once the story has been completed; you need to like cut-scene events; driving level is a bit of a mess. The Bourne Conspiracy is a character action game, based on the book & film series and is probably one of the best tie-ins since GoldenEye on the N64. High Moon studios have created quality product with superb presentation and production values that really gives you the feeling of playing Jason Bourne. Rel...

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Robert Ludlum's Bourne Conspiracy is the Perfect Rental Package! 0

There are those games out there, where you can have two sides to the same coin when it comes to a reviewers view on a specific game. Let me explain, if you purchased The Bourne Conspiracy at full retail price theres a very good chance you'll feel totally let down by what the game offers. Yet if you rented it, you'll find that its a solid game that will scratch your gaming itch over a good weekend of gaming and leave you pretty pleased. Thats what Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy is suited f...

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Bourne Conspiracy relives The Bourne Identity`s Greatest Moments 0

The Bourne Conspiracy features many great scenes from the 1st  Bourne film and  flashbacks compiled from Jason`s work as an assassin. The game uses a new model for Jason Bourne as Matt Damon did not want to be involved with the game. The game contains action, shooting, and driving elements all found in scenes from the 1st  film and does a good job of recreating it while introducing flashback missions. The lack of replayability brings down the game and may only be a purchase for those hardcore Bo...

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The Bourne Conspiracy 0

  Having been a fan of the Bourne movies, seeing that a more direct adaptation of what is in the books was being made into a video game perked my interest. I had not, and still have not read the books, so I can not speak to the quality of transition between mediums, but I can say that the stories of the game and movies only roughly follow the same track. However, even though the parts that make this a visual experience are pretty good, everything that makes this a game is lacking. ...

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Mediocre 3rd Person Shooter 0

The too long, didn't watch version - The Bourne Conspiracy succeeds at replicating the feel of the Bourne films. However, the flashback levels that take up the majority of the game's run-time drag down the game experience, feel like they have little to do tonally with the film the game is based on, and ultimately are woefully bland....

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Just Too Short 0

I first heard about this game around Christmas time when I was watching the Bourne Ultimatum on DVD. They had a trailer for it in the Ultimatum. I was always complaining that there wasn't a game about Jason Bourne. Well I got my wish, and it is a pretty good answer to my prayers. The Bourne Conspiracy has some incredible cinematic scenes, with graphics that are the best i have seen in a game I have played (I haven't played Metal Gear 4 Solid, so don't yell at me). The games regular 3D engine is...

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Great for Bourne fans, but perhaps not to everybody's tastes 0


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While short in length, it delivers intense and exciting action 0

The Bourne Conspiracy is yes, a movie game title from Robert Ludlum's novels and Bourne movies, so instantly your question would be how does it stack up? It is another flop like most other movie game titles? The answer is a thankfully defiantly not, on the contrary it's a exceedingly well made game that follows it's story and action from movie/novel to game brilliantly, the only knockback is it's over once you really get into it. If you haven't watched the movies or read the novels, that's okay...

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Not That Bad 0

The Bourne ConspiracyI'll start off with some praise --- I don't think a game on the series could really pull it off better than this game did. It's, possibly, the best realization of the Bourne world.But, the game is still not great. Not remotely great. It's pretty decent and the controls are exceptionally easy to get down --- but depth is a bit lacking. You have 3 hit combos you can use for fighting, but if you just spam "X" and "Y" on the 360 controller, you're borderline unbeatable in any fi...

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Bourne to be Average 0

When the Bourne Conspiracy was in production i was torn the previews and screenshots looked great but at the end of the day does it count as a doomed to fail film tie in. The game was released and had reasonable reviews and as a fan of the grittier spy film i thought it deserved a try. I entered the game on the hardest difficulty setting assasin for the achievements and found it suprisingly forgiving so this is deffinately a tough game. The game enters you with the first 3 missions leading up th...

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the bum conspiracy 0

I have much less good to say about the first game based on the wildly successful movie franchise based on the Robert Ludlum books, The Bourne Conspiracy. Phew.Basically, you play Bourne from the movie "The Bourne Identity," but you are not Matt Damon. Follow me on this one. The game follows the events of the movie with additional scenes/missions acting as flashbacks, as if Bourne remembers his previous life in flashes, and you play out the memories.It is not a bad convention, and would make for ...

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Fun if you can get by it's shortness and some technical issues. 0

Pros * Hand to hand combat is fun, nice to look at. * Follows the movies well and adds some from the books too. * Cool cinematics, good use of quick time events. Cons * As the game follows the movies somewhat, having Bourne not be Matt Damon is kind of off putting. * Vehicle sections feel like you're driving on ice. * Whilst improved from the demo, the shooting sections are still pretty weak. * Had a bug a couple of times that froze the game. The hand-to-han...

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The Bourne Conspiracy is the video-game equivalent of blueballs. 0

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The Bourne Conspiracy is one hell of an action game. Unfortunately, the length of the game is very disappointing, and as such, The Bourne Conspiracy could have been much more than it is. As it stands, The Bourne Conspiracy is easily the best movie-to-game title of the year. But that isn’t exactly saying much. The Bourne Conspiracy contains most of the plot points from the three movies, but it also delves back in to Bourne’s past as a deadly Tre...

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Bourne Conspiracy is an underrated title that's worth a play. 0

Pros You feel like Jason Bourne, really captures the movie's feel. Slick hand-to-hand combat. Graphics are well-done, and character skins are detailed. Cons Short game, 6 hours long. Too much shooting, I liked the fisticuffs combat better. The story is confusing if you have not seen the movies. GameplaySo the gameplay is varied and fun. At one point you will be in hand-to-hand combat. You can chain attacks by pressing X and Y (or hold either to perform a kick), X being a light attack and Y bei...

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I was Bourne to Rock... 0

I have to admit I was sold on the game after playing the Demo.  Unfortunately the game play of the full game seemed to repeat the demo over and over and over to the point of exhaustion.  The graphics are great and the play mechanics are intuitive but the repetitive quicktime scenes and what seems to be only a handful of punching animations had me sick of matching button icons by the end of it.  The duck and cover mechanics helped keep me engaged and the story while not complex by any means kept ...

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More Than the Sum of its Parts - Review by Kim Fidler 2

It's not every day that a game you expected to be horrible, turns out to be pretty good. I will admit that my expectations for Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy were pretty low, and maybe that's why I had such a great time with it. High Moon Studios has proven that it is possible to make a video game based off of a movie that is not only decent, but better than many of the other titles sitting on store shelves. While it's not perfect, it does show what kind of product can be released when a ...

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Fun for a few hours. 0

The Bourne Conspiracy is really a playable game. Sure, it's nothing compared to most high-profile action games, but it's worth a rental. You'll be playing as Jason Bourne - a character from one of the best action movie trilogies of recent years. If you know Bourne, you'll know that there won't be much shooting in this game. There isn't much, but there is some - and it's very very dissapointing. Although the shooting parts aren't much, the most fun you'll have with this game will be when using ha...

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A fun one and done. 0

I heard this game had decent fist fights and bad gunplay. The visuals and sound are great and the controls are good. When in a fist fight with a regular joe, it's pretty much a game of hitting X or Y and doing a block here and there. The take downs are nice but I wish you could control what you do during them. For example, your next to a wall, a barrel, and a crate. I wish it would bring up a menu and you would press the button that overlays the thing. Sometimes I would be right next to the wall...

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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy to review 0

Jason Bourne is a weapon trained to seek out and destroy enemies the United States government deems a danger to National Security but what happens when that human weapon “malfunctions” during a mission and loses all recollection of who he is and why he is skilled in combat? Well, the government sends professions to eliminate him as we find out in Robert Ludlum’s novel, The Bourne Identity, and later a blockbuster film and - after several years later - an Xbox 360 game called Robert Ludlum’s The...

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Barely counts as a game 0

I don’t even know if this can really count as a “game”. It is very repetitive, and quite mindless. You are hand held the entire way, and it’s plot is drawn exactly from the Bourne Identity movie, except Jason Bourne does not look like Matt Damon, but some generic hero dude.The game involves lots of button mashing for melee combat and heaps of lame “quick time events” where you accomplish a lot of plot specific parts of the game simply by pressing a button when the game tells you to.A very short ...

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Why Bourne? I used to love Bourne...*sniff* 0

This game sucks. Let's start with the tolerable:Graphics: 7.5The graphics are sharp and crisp. Minimal clipping issues and other glitches. Nothing special, but gets the job done.Audio: 9.0Smashing a dude's head into the corner of a table shouldn't sound this satisfying. The soundtrack is good too, with the original Bourne scores from the movies, and a few original recordings just for the game. Gameplay:4.0 (wish I could just leave this to the Angry Videogame Nerd)I was disappointed. I was expect...

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Short but Sweet 0

Good but not worth the full price tag and not having Matt Damon is kind of a letdownOther then that the game was awesome and I thought I was watching the movie! (You know! without Matt Damon that is!)Its definately worth a rental and I say if you like it buy it!Pros:*Feels like your in it!*Awesome Story Line..Of course*Beautiful Cut Scenes!Cons:*Where the heck was Matt Damon!*Why Wasnt Matt Damon in the game!!*Maybe he was to Bizzy F'ing Sarah Silverman*They could've at least threw in Ben Afflec...

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great while it lasts 0

the bourne series is about high paced fast action that is great to watch and now great to play.  the bourne conspiracy is one of those movie games that dont suck.  With the game play im going to start with the fistfights, now the the hand to hand stuff isnt that deep its incredably satisfying, nothing is better than fighting with a boss and using classic bourne weapons on him such as a pen.  The gunplay is well done too with a gears of war style camera with you being able to carry a main weapon(...

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Not bad But Not Great 0

Well  i  beat  Bourne  Lastnight   and  i  had  a  Good  time,  Frist  off  its  nice  to  see  a  Fighting   with   your  Fist  type  of  Game  we   need  more  like  this,,  Oh  the  days  of  Double  Dragon  are   Gone,  Bourne  trys   to  mix  things  up  with  Gun  play  and   Fist  fighting  over  all  it  works   well,   But  at   times  it   seems  like  the  Boss  fights  they  do  fight  unfair   at  times  in  my  view,,   Plus  not  enough   Fighting  Moves  to  keep  things  Fresh,,...

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