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Scarlett Fellini became a lone-wolf air pirate after falsely learning that her younger sister, Astell, was killed by Roswell, an elite general of the Ancient Father's Cabal.  There are two sections in the game where she joins the party as an uncontrollable fifth party member in battle.
Scarlett's first appearance is during Edward Brown's journey to South Cape in Africa. She encounters the party's airship, the Maverick, and proceeds to attack it using her own airship, the Esperanza (aka. the "Red Death"). She escapes in defeat, but reappears soon afterward at a tavern in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she reveals she is searching for another airship known as "The Sky Crusher." The party then decides to chase after her.
Scarlett - Nostalgia
Above the mountains east of St. Petersburg, Scarlett unsuccessfully battles the airship "Ouroboros," which is piloted by Roswell. After being rescued by the Maverick, Scarlett decides to join the hero party as they move towards the Siberian Base, where Roswell has retreated to. It is there that Scarlett discovers that her sister is, in fact, alive and well, but has been manipulated into serving the Ancient Father's Cabal. Scarlett gets her revenge by helping the heroes defeat Roswell, but Astell manages to escape.
Scarlet - Nostalgia
Scarlett is rejoins the party once more in London, where she requests to be taken to the Nirvana Palace in India, as the Esperanza is in no condition to fly. Inside the palace, Scarlett confronts her sister once more, but Astell refuses to believe the air pirate's words and engages in battle. Though she loses the fight, Astell manages to paralyze the paralyze the party, at which point Yang Gui, another Cabal elite, shows up to kill the heroes. Realizing that the woman intends to kill her as well, Astell's concentration is briefly broken, which allows Scarlett to knock her sister away from the deadly blast. The shock of seeing her sibling's sacrifice causes Astell's memories to return and she immediately breaks free from the Cabal's hold on her. At this point, Astell joins the hero party to defeat Yang Gui. Though injured, Scarlett manages to survive the attack and reunites with her sister at long last.

Astell and Scarlett - Nostalgia
Scarlett shows up again in the side quest "Lost Pet" where she sends Edward and company out to find her missing dragon, Lucia. The party mistakenly battles and captures a different dragon, which Astell then keeps as her own pet. Scarlett, along with Astell and Edward's father, Gilbert, assists the hero party one last time by leading them to the Cabal's flying fortress, "The Paracelsus."
Scarlett Fellini is 25 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs 199 lb. Italy is her home country.

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