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Nostalgia is an RPG for the Nintendo DS that takes place in a rendition of late nineteenth century Earth where airship travel is common. As the son of a legendary traveler, the protagonist Eddie has longed to go on an adventure. However, his father became involved in a violent struggle against a mysterious organization and went missing. After making the decision to search for him, Eddie boards his father's airship with his friends and set off on a globe-spanning journey to such locales as London, New York, and Atlantis.


The game was co-developed by Matrix Software, the same developer behind the DS versions of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV and Red Entertainment, which developed Thousand Arms, as well as the mainline entries in the Tengai Makyou series. Torajiro Tsujino, the character designer for Tengai Makyou, also designed the characters of Nostalgia. It was originally published by Tecmo and released in Japan on November 5, 2008 and was released in North America on October 27, 2009 via Ignition Entertainment.

Playable Characters

Five characters are playable in Nostalgia, one of which is only available for a very brief time. Each recruit is mandatory in order to progress the story. There are specific side quests, however, which are unique to each of the permanent members and will often reward that character with abilities or equipment that only they can use.

Playable Characters

Edward Brown

Age: 16

Edward is the son of Gilbert Brown, the most famous adventurer in all of England. From a young age, he was taught the way of the sword and the spirit of the knight, making him a master of the blade.

With a pure heart and a just mind, he too decides to become an adventurer of his own will in order to search for his missing father.

Pad Remington

Age: 17

Pad lives in the East End of London. Separated from his parents as a baby, he knows nothing of his own family. He is considered a leader by the children of the slums, and has a very caring personality. Since he has lived alone for as long as he can remember, he seems a bit cold and distant.

Consequently, he is rather negative when it comes to the topic of dreams or adventures.

Melody Farklight

Age: 16

A girl born of a now nearly extinct race of wizards. Because Melody was raised in the wizard's village all of her life, she has no friends of her own age.

She has all the qualities of an outstanding wizard but is stubborn, unyielding, and sometimes rather selfish.


Age: Unknown

A girl who is the target of a mysterious secret cabal. Fiona has no memory of her past, and as such does not even know why the Cabal is after her.

She is quiet and reserved, but she is also strong-willed and never changes her mind once it is made up. She has the ability to harness the mysterious power of miracles.

Gilbert Brown

Gilbert Brown
Age: 45

Eddie's father and legendary British adventurer. Involved in an incident during an adventure, Gilbert's whereabouts are currently unknown. In addition to being playable at the start of the game, he also joins as a guest character later on.

Guest Characters

Five characters will join the hero party for a temporary time as guests. They cannot be controlled in battle, nor is it possible to change their equipment. Like the playable characters and enemies, they have a turn order which dictates when they will execute their attack or healing action.

Guest Characters

Scarlett Fellini

Age: 25

Lone-wolf sky pirate Scarlett travels the skies in her deep crimson airship the Esperanza, (aka. "The Red Death"). Believing her sister to have been killed by Roswell of the Ancient Father's Cabal, Scarlett attacks the Cabal to exact revenge.

She uses her swordplay skill to attack enemies in battle.

Yang Gui the "Vacant"

Yang Gui
Age: Unknown

An elite of the Ancient Father's Cabal. She has the Ability to Astral Project appearing as an Illusion keeping her body safe.

She uses her magic to heal the party in battle.


Age: 35

An agent of the Royal Exploration Agency. Carlos appears suddenly and is skilled at investigation, infiltration, and destruction. He is trusted as Fogg's right-hand man. Though Carlos appears to know Gilbert, his actions are very suspicious.

He uses his firearm skill to attack enemies in battle.

Astell the "Thousand Masks"

Age: 19

An elite of the Ancient Father's Cabal. . She has the power to transform into anyone at will.

In battle, Astell uses her parasol to attack the enemy party.


Age: Unknown

A young, wheelchair-bound girl seen in the streets of London. Magi offers all kinds of strange advice.

In battle, she uses her powers to heal the hero party.

Other Notable Characters

There are several characters in the game who give Edward and company important information, usually regarding where they should go next.

Other Notable Characters

Jim Evans

Jim Evans
Age: 46

Gilbert's long-time friend. Jim works with Eddie to find Gilbert after his disappearance. Normally, Jim works at the Royal Museum in London. He has a vast knowledge of the Ancients and has a particular interest in the World Treasures, which he sends Eddie and company out to locate.

Beatrice Fitzgerald

Age: 44

An aristocrat living in London's West End. She is a long-time friend of Gilbert and Jim Evans', and cooperates with them in various ways, including taking care of Fiona after her rescue.

Shirley Crawford

Age: 27

Shirley is an archeologist that Eddie meets in Cairo. She is also a member of the Royal Exploration Agency. She admires Gilbert as her master and honors his work. Shirley becomes a great sympathizer to Eddie and works with him to find his father.

Commander Julius Fogg

Commander Fogg
Age: 48

To many, Julius is just the chief curator of the Royal Museum, but in truth he is the director of the Royal Exploration Agency. Julius is a former partner of both Gilbert and Terra, and a legendary adventurer. His prized airship is the Damocles.

The Ancient Father's Cabal

The primary antagonists of the game. They seek the seven segments of an ancient fractured tablet which have been scattered all across the earth.

The Ancient Father's Cabal

Carmine the "Invincible"

Age: 39

A chivalrous elite of the Ancient Father's Cabal. Carmine has the power of invincibility, allowing his body to reflect all attacks. He also takes pride in being a knight.

Hartmann the "Silent Guru"

Age: 52

An elite of the Ancient Father's Cabal. Though a wizard born in Merveille Village,
Hartmann was exiled for using magic to soothe his own desires.

Roswell the "God's Right Hand"

Age: 28

A cunning elite of the Ancient Father's Cabal. Roswell is a top scientist for new ships and weapons in Cabal's technical department. His right arm is mechanical. After retrieving the first tablet from the Tower of Babel with the help of Carmine and (unwillingly) Fiona.

Kakyo the "Impenetrable"

Age: 33

An elite of the Ancient Father's Cabal. Kakyo manages the Cabal's Far East base on Mount Fuji. He is also a descendant of samurai and has the blood of ogres. He has the power to walk through anything.

Terra the "Emperor"

Age: Unknown

The mysteriously masked emperor of the Ancient Father's Cabal. He searches for a tablet to open the doors to Asgard. Once an old partner of Gilbert Brown and Julius Fogg, he wishes to destroy all of humanity in order to save the Earth.

Other Villains

Other Villains


Age: Unknown

Freyja is a member of the Black Order and a follower of Metheus. She is also a goddess of death that was sealed inside of Pandora's Box, located at the Acropolis in Greece . She has a special hatred for Fiona , whom she claims is pretending to be human when in reality she is a monster like herself. Her special attack is "Death's Lullaby".

Metheus the "Bearer of the Black Wings"

Age: Unknown

The king of the Black Order and ancient ruler of the Asgard underworld. Defeated by the White Order, Metheus was sealed in Pandora's Box for thousands of years.

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