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Shirou is the protagonist of Fate/Stay Night. He is a high school student and he lives alone under the care of his neighbor and homeroom teacher, Taiga Fujimura and his underclassman, Sakura Matou. Shirou has a strong sense of justice and he wishes to become a hero of justice and save everyone. He is extremely tenacious, stubborn, and selfless.

Shirou was a member of his school's archery club. He is also very skilled at cooking and tutors Sakura as well. Shirou had never received formal training in magic due to Kiritsugu's reluctance and independence from the Magus Association. He does exercise very hard every day though.

Early Life

Kiritsugu rescues Shirou

Shirou was an ordinary kid living in Shinto. 10 years prior, the fourth Holy Grail War concluded with an enormous fire which almost claimed Shirou's life. Kiritsugu discovered Shirou as the only survivor of the fire and implanted Avalon in him to save him. Kiritsugu adopted Shirou and gave him his last name. Shirou developed a morbid obsessive desire to save everyone to justify his survival.

Kiritsugu revealed that he was a magus and Shirou was interested in learning magic from him. 5 years later shortly before he passed away, Kiritsugu shared his dream to become a hero of justice. Shirou was inspired by his dream and adopted it as his own.

Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night contains 3 routes, Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel. The 3 routes can only be accessed in that order.


Fate/Stay Night chronicles the fifth Holy Grail War. The story started on the 31st of January. During the first 2 days of the war, Shirou developed a set of Command Spells on his left hand, officiating him as a participant of the war.

Rin's healing pendant

On the 2nd of February, Shinji requested Shirou to stay back late at school to clean the archery grounds. That night, he witnessed Rin Tohsaka's Servant Archer dueling against Lancer in the school grounds. Shirou accidentally gave his presence away and Lancer hunted him down to obey the rules of the war to not allow any witnesses of the war. Lancer pierced his heart and retreated. Rin later found him and spent a healing pendant to revive him and left. Shirou woke up and took the pendant home.

Later that night, Lancer tracked Shirou back to his home and attempted to kill him again. Shirou accidentally summoned Saber who dueled against Lancer. Lancer used his Noble Phantasm, Gae Bolg in attempt to kill her. Saber managed to reduce the damage done to her and survived the attack and Lancer retreated. Saber recovered soon after he left and she sensed the presence of Rin and Archer and engaged them. If the player chooses to consume a Command Spell to stop her assault here, the story advances to Unlimited Blade Works.

Saber injured

Rin thanked Shirou for calling Saber off and brought him to the church. The priest and moderator of the war, Kirei Kotomine explained the war and the role of Masters and Servants. Soon after leaving, Rin and Shirou ran into Illyasviel and her Servant Berserker. Illyasviel freely reveals Berserker's identity as Heracles and announced that she will win the war. Saber quickly falls to Berserker and Shirou took his last blow in place of Saber. Illyasviel was stunned by his foolish action and decided to leave.

Rin then took Shirou to his home to patch him up. If the player's relationship with Sakura is high, the story advances to Heaven's Feel. Otherwise, the story advances to Fate.


Fate is the default route of Fate/Stay Night. The story revolves around Saber. Fate seems to be the canon story of Fate/Stay Night. Clearing it is required to unlock Unlimited Blade Works.

Rin and Shirou decided to form an alliance to defeat Berserker.

The next day at school, Shirou noticed that there was a boundary field at school and Rin suspected that there was another Master at school. Shirou and Rin decided to neutralize the field. Later, Shinji noticed them compromising the field and approached Shirou. He revealed that he was the Master of the Servant Rider.

The next day, Shinji invited Shirou to his home to explain that accidentally summoned Rider like Shirou summoned Saber and that he had no desire to be involved in the war. He also revealed that there is another Servant at Ryudou Temple. Shirou later informed Saber. Shirou did not want to assault the temple for fear of traps but Saber wished to eliminate any possible enemy.

Assassin vs Saber

Later that night, Saber went to assault Ryudou Temple by herself. There she met and dueled Assassin. Shirou discovered that Saber has disappeared and went to find her at the temple. Saber was about to reveal the identity of her sword but Assassin requested her to end the fight, mentioning that there is another Servant who is spying on them to learn about her weapon. Saber was exhausted from her duel and Shirou carried her home.

That night, Rin and Saber suggested that Shirou learn to defend himself. He spent the next 2 days learning sword-fighting from Saber and spell-casting from Rin.

On the 8th of February, the boundary field in the school was activated. Shirou discovered that the perpetrator was Shinji and Rider. Shirou consumed a Command Spell to summon Saber to fight against them. Shirou injured Shinji and he demanded Rider to rescue him. Rider fired her Bellerophon at them and retreated with Shinji, losing her boundary field.

The next day at night, Shirou and Saber discovered Rider in town. Saber and Rider brought the fight to the rooftop of a high rise building. Shirou followed them up and he witnessed Rider and Saber attacked each other with their Noble Phantasms, greatly draining Saber's magic energy. Shirou then carried Saber home. From that night, Shirou started having dreams about Saber's past.

Shirou and Saber wields Caliburn

The next day, Shirou met Illyasviel in the town park and she kidnapped him. Saber, Rin and Archer came to his rescue. Illyasviel discovered them and sent Berserker to attack them. Archer stayed behind to hold Berserker off in exchange for his life. Shirou, Rin, and Saber discovered an abandoned shack. Rin helped Shirou perform a ceremony to replenish Saber's magical energy reserve.

The following day, Illyasviel revealed that Berserker has 12 lives. Saber wanted to use Excalibur to defeat him but Shirou consumed a Command Spell to stop her for fear of her using up her entire magical energy reserve and disappear. Shirou managed to project an imitation of Saber's original sword, Caliburn to defeat Berserker.

Illyasviel was stunned by her defeat and she passed out. Shirou decided to bring her back to his home. Saber and Rin did not agree with Shirou but he insisted that she stays. The next day, Saber was acting awkward and Rin explained the projection magic that Shirou had performed.

The following day, Saber explained how she became a Servant. That night, Caster attacked Shirou's home but was struck down instantly by a man in golden armor. He announced that he will claim Saber as his own then left. Saber then explained that the man was of the Archer class in the previous Holy Grail War. They couldn't discern the man's identity. Also, Rin deduced that the man had probably remained in this world since the previous war.

Saber explained that she was wanted the Holy Grail to fulfill her wish to save her country; and in doing so, her life will end. She also revealed that she participated in the previous war as Kiritsugu's Servant and mentioned that she was upset that Kiritsugu ordered her to destroy the Holy Grail.

Later that night, Shirou visited Kotomine to inquire about Saber. Kotomine pointed out an oddity with Saber. He explained that Servants shouldn't be able to retain their memories of their participation in other Holy Grail Wars. He also explained that if Saber obtained the Holy Grail and made her wish anyway, she will die and will qualify as a Heroic Spirit to participate in future Holy Grail Wars.

Shirou was upset that Saber will not be able to find peace after the tremendous sacrifices that she had made for her country. Kotomine suggested that Saber consume the contents of the Holy Grail in order to be reincarnated into the world while subsisting on the souls of others. Shirou also revealed the presence of the second Archer. Kotomine mentioned that he will investigate the rogue Servant.

Saber's Resolve

The next day, Shirou brought Saber out on a date. At the end of the date, Saber re-affirmed her desire to save her country. Shirou was frustrated because he couldn't help her. Later that night, the second Archer attacked them. They identified him as Gilgamesh. Shirou managed to project Avalon, Excalibur's sheath to protect him and Saber from Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm, Enuma Elish. He then retreated, allowing Shirou and Saber to retreat.

The following day, Shirou went to the church for advice. There, he discovered that Kotomine was the Master of both Lancer and Gilgamesh. Shirou was captured and Saber came to his rescue. Kotomine revealed that the Holy Grail contained a great evil that he wished to unleash into the world and that he caused the fire in the previous war. Lancer then helped Shirou and Saber to escape in accordance to his chivalry. Gilgamesh killed Lancer for his betrayal.

Saber defeats Gilgamesh

Later, Saber deduced that her missing sheath, Avalon was inside of Shirou, granting him supernatural self-healing. She had also decided to destroy the Holy Grail and that she no longer seeks its power for her wish.

When they returned home, they discovered that Kotomine and Gilgamesh had attacked Rin and kidnapped Illyasviel. Rin explained that Illyasviel's heart is the vessel of the Holy Grail and that Kotomine had gone to Ryudou Temple to summon the Holy Grail. Shirou then returned Avalon to Saber to complete her Noble Phantasm and performed another ceremony to give Saber more magical energy.

Continuation of the Dream

That night at Ryudou Temple, Assassin wasn't seen again. Gilgamesh requested a duel with Saber and sent Shirou to fight against Kotomine. Kotomine was watching over the opening of a gate that will unleash the great evil that was in the Holy Grail. Both Saber and Shirou used Avalon simultaneously to block their opponent's deadly attack and promote their own.

Finally, Shirou consumed a Command Spell to order Saber to destroy the Holy Grail using her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur. Saber confessed her feelings for Shirou before she faded away. She then returned to her time and passed away peacefully.

In the chapter called "Last Episode" which is unlocked after obtaining all endings, Saber was waiting for Shirou in the afterlife. Shirou recalled his time with Saber during the fifth Holy Grail War and she happily welcomed him.

Unlimited Blade Works

Unlimited Blade Works revolves around Rin and Archer. It also puts pressure on Shirou's ideals and further explores Shirou's involvement in the over-arching story. Unlimited Blade Works also features Shirou at his most powerful. Clearing it is required to unlock Heaven's Feel.

Rin brought Shirou to the church where Kotomine explained the Holy Grail War. Shirou agreed to participate in the war.

Saber vs Berserker

Soon after they left the church, they ran into Illyasviel and her Servant Berserker. Saber brought the fight to a nearby graveyard where she had terrain advantage. Archer then fired a Noble Phantasm, Caladbolg II from his bow to severely damage Berserker. Illyasviel was impressed by Archer's power and retreated, acknowledging Archer's power. Shirou was wounded in the attack.

The next day, Shirou awoke with Rin patching him up. Shirou was angry that Archer risked killing Saber. Archer claimed that defeating Berserker is more important than Saber's safety. Shirou then decided to participate in the war without Rin's help.

The following day at school, Rin attacked Shirou late in the evening. She demanded that he hand over his Command Spells in order to gain Saber to win the war. During the fight, Shirou discovered that Rider had attacked a female student. He then ran out and fought Rider. Shirou also caught a glimpse of Shinji. Rin agreed to co-operate with Shirou to defeat Rider and her Master to protect the school.

Caster's great magic

The next night, Caster controlled Shirou's body and led him to Ryudou Temple. Caster also wanted to steal Shirou's Command Spells. Saber went to rescue him. She dueled against Assassin and Archer came to confront Caster without Rin's knowing. Caster explained that she wanted command over Saber to win the war. Archer agreed that Saber would be the best candidate to defeat Berserker.

Archer then criticized Shirou's deisre to become a hero of justice and attacked him. At that point, Caster dueled Archer. Shirou took the opportunity to run away. Archer tried to hunt Shirou down but he faced Assassin instead. Saber carried Shirou home.

The next day, Rin apologized for Archer's actions and explained that she consumed a Command Spell to prevent Archer from harming Shirou.

At school, the boundary field was activated which drained all the students of their life energy. Rin felt sickly when she saw all the lifeless bodies. Rin and Shirou then discovered Rider had already been killed and Shinji was infuriated by her death. Shirou was worried that his sister Sakura may be at risk.

Later, Shinji ran to the church to seek refuge from the war. Shinji desired revenge against Shirou and Rin and Kotomine paired him up with Gilgamesh. Rin and Saber assumed that Rider was killed by another Servant. Archer claimed that Rider was simply weak. Shirou suggested that there was another Master at school. Rin suggested that it might be Caster's Master and he would probably be someone from Ryudou Temple and who also attends school.

Souichirou Kuzuki's fists

The next day, Shirou investigated Issei and found that he was innocent. Rin then suggested that Souichirou Kuzuki, Rin's homeroom teacher, might be the Master. The following night, Shirou, Rin, and Saber ambushed Kuzuki outside Ryudou Temple.

Caster appeared to defend him and he revealed that his strength was greatly enhanced by Caster's magic and that he allowed Caster to act independantly. Saber was resistant against Caster's magic but Kuzuki managed to defeat Saber bare-handed. Shirou projected Archer's twin swords, Kanshou and Bakuya, to duel Kuzuki. Later, Rin decided to co-operate with Shirou to defeat Caster.

The following day, the left half of Shirou's body became numb due to the use of projection magic. That night, Archer fixed Shirou's Magic Circuits and warned him that using projection magic will take a toll on his body. Archer also ranted about Shirou's ideals which deeply afffected Shirou and Saber.

Caster's Rule Breaker

The next day, Rin made lunch and dragged Shirou on a date, with Saber tagging along. When they returned, they discovered that Caster was holding Fujimura hostage, requesting Shirou's Command Spells. Shirou refused and Saber took the opportunity to attack but Shirou consumed a Command Spell to stop her attack.

Caster then used her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker to break Saber's contract with Shirou and claimed Saber as her Servant. Shirou decided to continue fighting in the war anyway despite Rin's objection. Caster claimed the church as her base of operation and ousted Kotomine. Caster subjected Saber to her Command Spell in order to bend her to her will but Saber spent her energy and will resisting it.

The following day, Rin and Archer went to the church to confront Caster. Shirou tried to find Rin and decided to ask Kotomine. He then discovered Rin and Archer at the church. Suddenly, Archer decided to betray Rin and ally with Caster, claiming that now that Caster had obtained Saber, she now has the highest chance of winning the war. Archer accepted the Rule Breaker.

The next day, Shirou suggested that they ally with Illyasviel. When they reached the Einzbern castle, Rin and Shirou found Shinji and Gilgamesh defeating Berserker and ripping Illyasviel's heart out, explaining that her heart was the vessel of the Holy Grail. After they left, Lancer approached Rin and Shirou explaining that his Master had sent him to ally with them.

The following day, Rin, Shirou, and Lancer assaulted the church. Lancer dueled Archer, eventually defeating him. Rin dueled Caster and Shirou dueled Kuzuki. Caster then decided to consume another Command Spell to control Saber but Archer appeared and attempted to kill Kuzuki with a shower of swords. Caster protected him at the cost of her life and Archer later killed him in melee.

Unlimited Blade Works

Archer explained that his goal is to kill Shirou. He wanted Caster's Rule Breaker to escape from Rin's control to do so. Archer then attempted to kill Shirou again but Rin formed a contract with Saber, sending her to fight against Archer. Archer used his Unlimited Blade Works to fight back. Shirou learned to utilize Archer's Unlimited Blade Works against him, much to his disgust. Archer then kidnapped Rin and invited Shirou for a duel at the Einzbern castle.

Saber then carried Shirou back to his home. At Einzbern Castle, it is revealed that Kotomine was still alive and that he had sent Lancer to ensure Rin's safety. Shinji and Gilgamesh were also there with him.

The next day, Shirou, Saber, and Lancer went to Einzbern Castle. Lancer searched for Rin and Saber watched Archer dueled Shirou. Archer explained that he is the future self of Shirou and that he was frustrated by his unrealistic ideal. He decided to kill Shirou in order to eliminate himself and Shirou from existence.

Shirou vs Archer

Lancer found Rin and he wanted to rescue her. Kotomine then showed up and explained that he wanted Rin as the vessel for the Holy Grail. He then ordered Lancer to kill Rin but he refused. Kotomine then consumed a Command Spell to order Lancer kill himself. Lancer managed to hold on to his life and killed Kotomine, injured Shinji, and set Rin free. He then set the castle on fire with his Rune magic.

Shirou managed to defeat Archer through sheer force of will and he insisted that he has no regrets despite knowing what will happen. Gilgamesh then appeared and attempted to kill Shirou. Archer protected Shirou from Gilgamesh's attack and told him that he is the only one who can defeat Gilgamesh now.

Gilgamesh, Shinji, Rin, and Shirou left the castle. Gilgamesh planted Illyasviel's heart into Shinji to turn him into the Holy Grail. That night, Rin deduced that Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works would be the best weapon against Gilgamesh. She conducted a ceremony to share her magical energy with him to provide him with enough energy to use it. Rin also deduced that Gilgamesh would go to Ryudou Temple to open the Holy Grail.

The next night, Shirou, Rin, and Saber assaulted Ryudou Temple. Saber dueled Assassin who was still standing guard there, explaining that Caster had bound him to the temple grounds. Rin rescued Shinji from the mass of flesh that he morphed into as the Holy Grail.

Shirou dueled Gilgamesh and defended himself by projecting copies of Gilgamesh's sword individually and launching the swords at Gilgamesh. Shirou was unable to keep up with the speed of Gilgamesh's showers of swords from Gate of Babylon. Shirou then activated his own version of Unlimited Blade Works. Shirou overwhelmed Gilgamesh with the faster launching of swords within Unlimited Blade Works.

Brilliant Years

Archer appeared to help Rin escape from the mass of flesh and to help Shirou escape from Gilgamesh's attempt to pull him into the gate of the Holy Grail. Rin used her last Command Spell to order Saber to destroy the Holy Grail using her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur. Rin then sees that Archer had achieved enlightenment and he bade her farewell.

In the normal ending, Saber remained with Shirou and Rin and they lived together. In the true ending, Saber disappears along with the Holy Grail. Rin and Shirou graduates from high school and she invites him to further their studies to the Magic Association in London and to learn magic as her apprentice.

Heaven's Feel

Heaven's Feel revolves around Sakura. It also further explores Illyasviel's involvement in the over-arching story. Heaven's Feel also sees Shirou abandoning his ideals for his love interest.

On the 1st of February, Sakura noticed that a set of Command Spells were developing on Shirou's left hand. Shirou also noticed that Sakura was rather sickly. That night, Shirou decided to visit Sakura at her home. There, he met an old man from the Matou household. He warned Shirou to not be involved with the family.

On the 3rd of February, after the encounter with Illyasviel and Berserker, Shirou decided to turn down Rin's offer of an alliance, not wanting to hurt Illyasviel. That night, Shirou and Saber decided to patrol the town to look for other Masters. He met Shinji and Rider in town and Saber defeated her in 1 hit. The old man appeared again and introduced himself as Zouken Matou. He was upset with Shinji's weakness.

The next morning, Sakura fell ill with fever. Later at school, Shirou approached Rin for help. Rin also mentioned that there was a Master at Ryudou Temple. Later when he went shopping, he met Illyasviel. She revealed that she knew Kiritsugu and that he was her enemy. That night, Assassin was killed by a black shadow and his shell was taken by True Assassin. Shirou and Saber visited Ryudou Temple and found that Kuzuki had already been killed. Saber then struck Caster down. After they left, the black shadow devoured Caster.

Kotomine meeting with Shirou

The following day, Shirou fell ill with fever. Sakura skipped school to take care of him. Shirou went shopping after lunch. There he met Illyasviel again. She showed Shirou the way to her home. After he returned, Shinji visited Shirou's home to demand Sakura to return. Sakura remained but fell ill again. That night, Lancer scouted Ryudou Temple but he was devoured by the black shadow.

The next day, Shirou recovered. At school, Rin revealed that she knew that Caster had already been defeated but her life-draining ability was still active. She then sent Shirou to meet Kotomine. Kotomine revealed that Lancer was his Servant and he requested Shirou's help to investigate the black shadow. Shirou also revealed Zouken's presence and Kotomine explained that Zouken is a monster.

That night, Shirou and Saber met Rin and Archer in town with Zouken. Zouken summoned Caster to attack and Saber struck her down quickly. Archer then cut Zouken in half but they were attacked by the black shadow. Shirou was injured by it allowing Zouken to escape. Later, Zouken devoured a woman to recover and formed a contract with True Assassin.

The following day, Sakura was angry at Saber because she always returned Shirou injured. Also, Saber mentioned that the black shadow is a terrifying opponent. After school, Rin investigated the Matou house. That night, Shirou and Saber investigated Ryudou Temple again. There, Saber dueled True Assassin but she was devoured by the black shadow. Shirou also lost his Command Spells.

Rider then appeared to fight off True Assassin, showing to be far stronger than she was last seen. She saved Shirou explaining that it was an order by her Master. Shirou decided to continue fighting in the war to defeat the black shadow.

The next day, Sakura collapsed from illness. At school, Shirou reported the temple incident to Rin. He mentioned that Zouken is interested in Rin and requested her help to defeat the black shadow and Zouken. Rin then brought Shirou to her home to identify his magic. They then went to Shirou's home and discovered that Sakura had disappeared. Shinji phoned and invited Shirou to fight at school explaining that he was holding Sakura hostage. Rin followed him with Archer in secret.

Rider's Mystic Eyes

At school, Shirou dueled Rider, noticing that she was a lot weaker again. When Rin appeared and ordered Archer to defeat Rider, Shinji tried to use his Command Spell book. Sakura was upset that Shinji hurled abuses at Rider and revoked his right as her Master. Rider then revived, became a lot stronger, and went to protect Sakura. That then confirmed Rin's suspicion that Sakura was Rider's actual Master and that Zouken had implanted worms in Sakura to make her fight.

Shinji then caused Sakura to go wild and she activated Rider's boundary field that began absorbing their magical energy. Archer wanted to kill Sakura to dispel the field but Rider protected her using her petrifying Mystic Eyes, revealing her identity as Medusa. Sakura then attempted to drain magical energy from Rin, but Shirou took the hit instead. Sakura then passed out.

Later, Shirou and Sakura were brought to Kotomine for healing. Rin explained that Sakura was actually her younger sister and that she was adopted into the Matou family as the Tohsaka family's good will. Kotomine extracted most of the parasitic worms from Sakura but some had attached itself to her vital organs. He also explained that the worm was consuming Sakura's magical energy, and that Zouken threatened to order the worms to devour Sakura if she did not do as he commands.

After talking to Archer and Illyasviel, Shirou decided to protect Sakura instead of following his ideals. Rin mentioned that she will not hesitate to kill Sakura to protect the town. Sakura heard Rin's words and ran out of the church. Shirou found her in town. He swore to protect her and brought her home. There, they met Rin. Sakura insisted that she will continue to fight in the war and Rin mentioned that the Holy Grail could be used to save Sakura. Shirou then performed a ceremony to replenish Sakura's magical energy.

The next morning, the ceremony proved to be very draining on Shirou. He was introduced to Rider. Shirou decided to warn Illyasviel about Zouken and the black shadow. Sakura sent Rider to watch over him. In the forest leading to the Einzbern castle, Shirou met Rin.

Shirou with Archer's arm

There, they witnessed a battle between True Assassin and Saber against Berserker. Berserker was defeated and devoured by the black shadow. Shirou then protected Illyasviel from Zouken. The black shadow absorbed the life energy from the surroundings and exploded, claiming Shirou's left arm and heavily damaged Archer. Rider helped them leave the forest.

They were brought to the church where Archer requested that his arm be transplanted on to Shirou to save his life. Archer died shortly after. Archer's arm was wrapped in a magical red cloth to prevent Archer's tremendous power from overwhelming Shirou. That night, Rin and Illyasviel decided to move in with Shirou to protect each other, having lost their Servants. Illyasviel voiced her dislike for Sakura.

The following day, Rin placed a magic ward on Shirou to help him withstand Archer's tremendous power. During lunch, Shirou suggested that Sakura be more friendly to Rin as her sister. That night, Shirou performed another ceremony to give Sakura more magical energy. It was incredibly draining for Shirou.

Gilgamesh kills Sakura

The next day, Rin checked on Archer's arm and she explained that Shirou can only cast 3 projection spells using Archer's arm before losing his life. That night, Rin and Shirou saw on the news that the black shadow had devoured the people of an entire area. Sakura had another dream that she was the black shadow and she was attacked by and devoured Gilgamesh.

The following day, Sakura became very ill. Rin suspected that Sakura is related to the black shadow and resolved to kill Sakura to stop the black shadow. Later, Illyasviel confronted Sakura about her being another Holy Grail. Also Zouken sent True Assassin to invite Shirou to the Matou house.

Zouken explained that the black shadow is the great evil that came from the Holy Grail. It is related to Sakura but it started acting on its own out of Zouken's control. He also explained that he planted a piece of the shattered Holy Grail form the previous war into Sakura and turned her into a vessel of the Holy Grail. Being a Holy Grail, Sakura is also one of the gates to the Great Holy Grail.

Back home, Illyasviel explained that she is an homunculus designed by the Einzbern family as both a vessel of the Holy Grail and a Master. She explained that the spirits of the defeated Servants were contained by Sakura as a Holy Grail and that she will eventually break down from the stress from containing all that power.

That night, Shirou tried to kill Sakura to stop the black shadow but he re-affirmed his desire to save her. After Shirou left, Sakura consumed her last Command Spell to order Rider to protect Shirou. She then decided to confront Zouken and left Shirou's home.

The next day, Shirou suspected that Kotomine had already known about Sakura being a Holy Grail and confronted him. Rin decided to check on Sakura and discovered that Rider had lain in her bed in her place and that she will not allow Rin to pursue Sakura. Kotomine revealed that he discovered the Holy Grail when he treated her 4 days ago. He explained that the black shadow was devouring people for subsistence and that he wanted the Holy Grail to be completed to allow the great evil within it to be unleashed.

Sakura's Shadow

Shirou then rushed home to look for Sakura. Rin explained that Sakura had left. Shirou suspected that Sakura went to the Matou house and went there. At the Matou house, Shinji found Sakura and intended to abuse her again. Sakura snapped and killed Shinji. Recalling her dreams, she realized that she is related to the black shadow. She embraced the black shadow and attacked Shirou's house.

She had already left when Shirou reached the house. Zouken revealed that Sakura is going to claim Archer's spirit from Illyasviel and Shirou rushed home.

At home, Sakura attacked Rin and Shirou. Illyasviel explained that she knew that Sakura wanted the Third Sorcery that the Einzbern family has to give form to the black shadow, and that Illyasviel needed her ceremonial dress to perform the Third Sorcery. Sakura and Illyasviel then left for Einzbern castle. Rider brought Shirou to Kotomine to be healed.

Shirou woke up the following day. Kotomine requested to join Shirou to rescue Illyasviel, mostly out of spite for Zouken.

Berserker's Sword

When Shirou and Kotomine ran away with Illyasviel, they were attacked by Sakura, Zouken, True Assassin, Saber, and Berserker. Kotomine fought against True Assassin, binding him and dealt a fatal blow to Zouken. Kotomine was then ambushed by Sakura and she stopped his heart.

Shirou used Archer's arm for the first time to project a copy of Berserker's sword. Shirou also copied Heracles' technique, the Nine Lives Blade Works to defeat Berserker. Saber witnessed the battle but was called back by Sakura.

Back at home that night, Illyasviel explained about the Angra Mainyu, the Third Sorcery, and the Holy Grail. The Servant system uses an incomplete form of the Third Sorcery, since the Servants are not able persist in this world independently. The Great Holy Grail is an enormous reserve of magical energy. It provides the energy to summon Heroic Spirits. The Holy Grail is the key to gain access to the point of the origin of everything, which would give a magi untold power. The promise of granting a wish was made to entice magi and Heroic Spirits to participate in the war.

Angra Mainyu was an ordinary man who was made a scapegoat by his village, piling on all their sins on him and treating him as a being of pure evil. The Einzberns summoned him during the third Holy Grail War thinking that he had the power to win the war. He turned out to be incredibly weak and was defeated easily. When he was fed to the Holy Grail, it gave him power and turned him into what the villagers wished for, an all powerful being of pure evil. That in itself was the Third Sorcery in its complete form. Angra Mainyu tainted the Holy Grail from then on.

Later, Rin requested Shirou to project a copy of the Gemmed Sword of Zelretch for her to wield against Sakura. Illyasviel helped Shirou project the sword. Rider approached Shirou shortly after and Shirou promised to protect Sakura. Rider then followed him and Rin to confront Sakura. In the mean time, Sakura purged herself of Zouken's last remaining parasitic worm from her body, killing Zouken in the process. She also devoured True Assassin.

Shirou kills Saber Alter

At Ryudou Temple, Shirou, Rin, and Rider met Saber. She allowed Rin to pass and fought against Shirou and Rider. Shirou projected Archer's shield Rho Aias to help Rider's Bellerophon overcome Saber's Excalibur. Shirou finally ended Saber's life with the Azoth Dagger. He left Rider behind for her to recover.

In the bad ending of that encounter, Rider did not follow Shirou and Rin to Ryudou Temple. Instead, Shirou engaged Saber in a duel, projecting Kanshou and Bakuya twice to defeat her. Unfortunately, that put him pass his limit and Archer's power wasted his mind.

In the mean time, Rin used the Gemmed Sword of Zelretch to match Sakura's power. Sakura voiced her hate for Rin for not coming to her aid while Sakura suffered tremendously for 11 years. Eventually, Rin hugged Sakura and expressed her love for her. Sakura then started resisting Angra Mainyu. Shirou then appeared and projected Caster's Rule Breaker to sever her ties with Angra Mainyu.

Rider then showed up to carry Rin and Sakura out of the place.

In the normal ending, Shirou projected Saber's Excalibur to destroy the Great Holy Grail, ending his life in the process.

Return to the Spring

In the true ending, Kotomine appeared and fought against Shirou, wanting to protect the Great Holy Grail in order to allow Angra Mainyu to be birthed into the world. Shirou outlasted Kotomine. Illyasviel then appeared in her ceremonial dress to performed an incomplete Third Sorcery on Shirou to preserve his soul. She also sacrificed herself to shut the gate to the Great Holy Grail.

Some time later, Rin obtained an homunculus body for Shirou, allowing him to live a normal life, sustained by Sakura's immense magical energy reserve. Rider remained in the world, also sustained by Sakura's magical energy. The four of them watched the cherry blossoms.



The first magic that Shirou displayed. Shirou is able to analyze the structure of an object and enhance the structural integrity of the object by imbuing the object with his magical energy. He is also able to boost the capability of a person's body by imbuing it with magical energy.


Shirou's Projection

Shirou's projection creates an imitation of an object that he has analyzed. Rin notes that he shows an affinity for swords. Shirou can only project a weapon if the materials that makes it up exists in this world. He was unable to project a copy of Gilgamesh's Ea because it is made from outer-worldly materials.

Shirou's initial attempts lasts for a long period of time but has no substance. As Rin and Illyasviel explained, Shirou's version of projection is different from regular projection. Regular projection involves transforming prepared material into the desired object and it doesn't last very long. Shirou projects an object within Unlimited Blade Works then summons it into his hands.

Late on the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works route, Shirou learned to project a proper imitation of a Noble Phantasm with its structural strength comparable to that of the real thing and he is also capable of copying a Noble Phantasm's special ability. Also, Shirou's ability to maintain the strength of his projected weapon depends on his ability to continue believing in the strength of his weapon.

Unlimited Blade Works

Unlimited Blade Works

Shirou discovered his after he experienced Archer using his own on the Unlimited Blade Works route.

The source of Shirou's magic. A Reality Marble is one of the highest level of magic and is considered as one of the greatest taboo in the world of magic. A Reality Marble is the inner world of the magus where the very laws and nature of the world is entirely dictated by the magus; as such the nature of a Reality Marble is unique to each magus. The magus can fully deploy a Reality Marble by projecting it on to the real world. It covers a small area and traps everyone within the boundary in the projected reality.

Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords is a vast desolate field full of swords that he has analyzed throughout his lifetime. Within his Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou doesn't need to project each sword individually. Instead, he simply wills it into his hands and he can will the swords to be launched at his target.

Unlimited Blade Works also has a special ability that will activate subconsciously, where it will use sword blades to stitch a grievous wound that Shirou received. It will aid Shirou in recovering but is very uncomfortable. Shirou received this treatment when fighting Rider and Gilgamesh on the Fate route.

Archer's Arm

Archer's Arm

On the Heaven's Feel route, Shirou lost his left arm to the black shadow. Archer donated his arm to Shirou before he disappeared.

Archer's arm embodies his power, abilities, and knowledge. It had to be sealed with a magical red cloth to prevent the power from overwhelming Shirou and killing him.

Shirou's projection magic in Heaven's Feel is granted entirely by Archer's arm. Because of his dependence on the arm, Shirou is allowed a limited number of projections before the power of Archer's arm overwhelms and erodes his mind, erasing his memories and eventually leading to brain death.

Archer's Unlimited Blade Works provided the wound stitching ability when Shirou tried to save Sakura and when he fought against Kotomine. The wounds he received up until that point were so severe that the sword blades were sticking out of his body.


Command Spells

Shirou's Command Spells

Shirou's Command Spells are located on his left hand.

On the Fate route, Shirou consumed one spell to summon Saber to fight Rider at school, another to stop Saber from using Excalibur on Berserker, and the last to order Saber to destroy the Holy Grail.

On the Unlimited Blade Works route, Shirou consumed one spell to order Saber to not attack Rin, and another to order Saber to not attack Caster.



The first sword that Shirou projected on the Fate route. It is Saber's original sword that she pulled from the stone.

It was used to defeat Berserker. Shirou himself did not have enough strength to wield it, so Saber helped him to defeat Berserker. Caliburn discharged a blinding light and removed 7 of Berserker's lives in 1 hit.



The sheath of Saber's sword, Excalibur. Avalon is the ultimate defense, impervious against all attacks. It also grants rapid health regeneration to its wielder.

Kiritsugu had Avalon throughout the fourth Holy Grail War, and later implanted it in Shirou to save him from the fire. Avalon served as the catalyst to summon Saber.

Avalon was first projected to defend against Gilgamesh's attack on the Fate route. It was later projected again in Shirou's last battle against Kotomine.

Kanshou and Bakuya

Kanshou and Bakuya

Archer's preferred swords that he discovered, remodeled, and added to his collection. Kanshou and Bakuya is designed with a Yin and Yang motif.

On the Unlimited Blade Works route, Shirou copied the twin swords by watching Archer. Shirou first wielded it against Kuzuki. Saber noted that Shirou displayed an affinity for the swords. Shirou later wielded Kanshou and Bakuya against Kuzuki a second time and against Archer.

Kanshou and Bakuya's special ability is to boomerang after it is thrown.

Rho Aias

4 petaled Rho Aias

Rho Aias is a magical shield that is shaped like a flower. It has 7 petals.

The only time Shirou wielded it was during Rider's duel against Saber Alter on the Heaven's Feel route. He learned it from Archer's arm that was transplanted on to him. He could only project 4 petals due to his limited mastery of the shield and magical energy.

Shirou's Rho Aias helped Rider's Bellerophon overcome Saber's Excalibur.

Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker

Caster's Noble Phantasm. Shirou projected and used it once on the Heaven's Feel route.

Rule Breaker is an extremely weak weapon with a fragile blade, and is barely able to stab a human. Its ability is to break the contract between a Master and his or her Servant.

Shirou used it to break Sakura's contract with her Servant Avenger, Angra Mainyu.

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