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These Colors feel so right. 0

Sonic Rush changed everything about the Sonic series. The stylish music, hyperactive presentation, and focus on all-out speed took root and not only birthed a sequel (one Sonic Rush Adventure) but also heavily influenced the Sonic franchise as a whole, as clearly evident in 2008′s Sonic Unleashed. In a similar vein, Sonic Colors on the Nintendo Wii continues many of the ideas put forth in Unleashed with some key twists to the formula: namely the ability to imbue Sonic with temporary new abi...

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Win 0

This is the best Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2! The Sonic Cycle is officially broken. This game has THE best graphics on the Wii, and one of the best musical scores on the Wii (what else would you expect from Sonic Team?). The only problem with the music is a sad lack of Crush 40...but, oh well. The gameplay is non-stop fun, and the Wisps actually make it more enjoyable. Whats more, if you decide the Wisps aren't your thing, you can skip over them entirely. Overall, this is in the top 10 Wi...

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Sonic Colours? I barely Sonic know hers! 0

Sonic Team really nailed the concept this time around. Sure, the daytime Sonic Unleashed levels were fun, but there were like about 8 of them and you had to navigate a menu for 20 minutes just to find them. In Sonic Colours, every aspect of the gameplay has been streamlined for the enjoyment of the player- loads of "daytime" style levels with stellar design, great gameplay mechanics (including the titular wisp "colours") and let's not forget some of the best Sonic game music since Sonic 3's funk...

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Sonic Rush...... WITH WISPS!!! 0

(NOTE: THIS IS A REVIEW FOR THE DS VERSION OF SONIC COLOURS)   Graphics: 3/5   Graphically, the game varies. In many areas, the game looks very similar to Sonic Rush in terms of sprites, and the types of enemies appearing. However, some of the levels look very pretty, particularly Starlight Carnival.   On the other hand, the Wisp effects, while colourful, look horrible on the small screen.   Gameplay: 2/5   On the face of it, Sonic Colours is not really different to Sonic Rush. For one, The u...

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Color me impressed 0

The DS version of Sonic Colors is rather neglected compared to its Wii brother - which is a shame, considering that it's not a bad game at all.The controls are fluent, the graphics nice, the sound about the same, if slightly lower-quality, as its Wii counterpart, and the final boss is as cool as ever.However, there are some questionable things. The Red Rings are a lot more infuriating to find (Planet Wisp has one in particular that I have no idea how to get), the missions range from frustrating ...

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Now we are getting somewhere 0

No doubt Sonic franchise has gone through lot of abuse during the years. Luckily for us few remaining fans, the last couple of games (ignoring that Kinetic effort) have shown some signs of improvements. First Sonic Episode 4 with it back to roots approach and then Sonic Colors month later with even more of that pure platform joy. The infamous Sonic Cycle came to everyone's mind when Sonic Colours was announced certainly. More annoying cuddly sidekicks. Thankfully those new additions play very sm...

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A 3D Sonic game that DOESN'T fail? 0

Yes, you read correctly folks. For the first time in a long time, a 3D Sonic game that isn't boring or painful to listen to. It's far from the best game for the WII but it is in my top 10.The story, yes story, is that Dr Eggman has kidnapped aliens called Wisps with "Hyper Go On" power, draining them to create a mind control ray, all under the cover of making a space amusement park. Sonic and Tails are of course smart enough to know Eggman is always trying something and go to stop him.And, that'...

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Its like some kinda awesome rainbow filled with greatness gravy 0

 Sonic is back again and way better than Sonic Unleashed for a deddicated Wii/DS version. I got the Wii version since the DS version litterally Sonic Rush 3. I may get it later who knows.Sonic is the only playable character in this game JUST Sonic. Tails is in the game but just for story he isnt playable. This time around Robotnik has build a flying Amusement park in space. Too bad he is using the power of some aliens and kidnapped THIER ENTIRE HOME PLANETS from them to do it. So its Soni...

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Sega reaches for the stars. Comes back with the sun. 0

Sonic in 3D has always been a controversial subject. Sonic has had a slight dip in quality since going to the third dimension,  although 3D sonic games have been improving over time, gimmicks and side characters made fans either happy or disappointed. Sonic Colors is a sign that Sega is listening.  Sonic Colors story isn't too detailed, and I think I perfer it that way. The storys of games like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) have provided serious drama, but this is far more cartoony and light hearted...

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Controls too annoying 0

 I've been on a gamefly account for about a year now, and even though I've sent most Wii games back the same day I get them (with the exceptions of Mario Galaxy 1 &2, Metroid and..thats it), this one was even faster. I played for less than 5 minutes before I decided that the controls were simply too annoying.  I wouldn't recommended buying or renting this game....

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