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Fun but no longtime Hook. 0

Soul Caliber for the Xbox 360 is a wonderful port of a truly amazing game. Even after almost a decade the graphics have a nice charm and look better than most other XBLA games and the gameplay still holds up against modern fighter.GameplaySoul Caliber is weapon based 3d fighting game, if youve played any other Soul Caliber (though not Soul Edge) title you'll know exactly where you sit with this game. In fact, if you have played almost any decent fighting game in a decade it wont take much to get...

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The Soul of 1999 Is Still Going Strong 0

If you were lucky enough to purchase a Dreamcast on September 9th, 1999, you probably purchased one of two titles: Sonic Adventure or SoulCalibur.   Your average Sega fan probably assumed that the cocky hedgehog's game would be the obvious choice, but boy, was he mistaken.   It's not like Sonic Adventure was a bad game, but who'd want to play that when it was accompanied by the best-looking fighter to ever grace a home console? We'd seen some decent looking 3D fighters on home consoles before So...

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Missing key features but still a Classic Beat em Up! 0

The Soul Calibur series is a much loved beat em up franchise that as the honour of being one of the most forward thinking games in a genre where classic is happily accepted. Not much as changed since the days of Arcade Beat em Up Gaming (except of course things going to 3D) and that as been both a blessing and a curse. The genre still holds much of its charm yet play another reashed Street Fighter 2 Turbo Boost Extreme Mega Edition (Not a real Game) and you'll see that to often developers will s...

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Soul Calibur XBLA Review 0

Soul Calibur XBLA Review Soul Calibur was released in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast four years after the Arcade and Playstation release of Soul Edge. The game was revolutionary with its introduction of the Eight Way Run allowing a freedom of movement that previous 3d fighters could not offer. The game was not well received in arcades and was ported over to the Dreamcast, the game has had a huge fan base ever since.The XBLA version of the game is an emulation of the original Japanese Arcade version...

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This soul doesn't burn so brightly anymore. 0

With the recent fighting game revival taking place during 2008 it's no surprise that Namco saw it fit to re-release the game that sent the Soul series to super stardom on a modern day console. Despite the odd numerical scheme, Soulcalibur is actually the second game in the series. Following Soul Blade for the PlayStation 1, and complete with name change and a significant roster update, Soulcalibur took the the Dreamcast by storm. The original Soulcalibur is arguably the reason why the series is ...

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Soul Calibur Review 0

With SoulCalibur IV coming so soon, it seems like a smart idea for Namco to dish out a classic version of its revered fighter, but despite how well the original SoulCalibur holds up almost a decade later, it feels like an awkward release. With no online play or widescreen support, and everything unlocked “out-of-the-box”, it’s a wonder why anyone would purchase this version, despite being one of the most inspirational fighters ever, when the “big” version of what is essentially the same game is ...

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SC one of the best fighters? 0

In my opinion yes!This has been one of my moist eagerly anticipated titles which got announced for XBLA.This version is pretty much everything you need in SC (With the exception of Mission/Quest Mode)This a direct port so there is no Online functionality, other then leader boards.With graphical improvements made, and having everything already unlocked this is a pretty high quality title to own on XBLA.  Especially compared to half the garbage that comes out most weeks!Kum0 Rates: 3.5/5 (Mission ...

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SC is a great game to keep you busy until the 4th release. 1

I will keep this review fairly short, and if you have any questions or comments regarding anything feel free to message me. Pros Resurrection of a classic. Great time to be released. Easy to pick-up and play. Awesome cast of characters. Cons No online play. Little reason to play after achievements (e.g. no unlockables). Gameplay If you were ever interested in a fighter game before, Soul Calibur is no different for the most part. You can run in 8 directions, and it's a basic 1 on 1 match fro...

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Soul Calibur Review EN ESPAÑOL 0

SOUL CALIBUR **Reseña escrita por Jeff Gertzmann, Traducción por DarthStoneSoul Calibur le hace justicia a la parte de las peleas, pero sin juego en línea o el modo de misiones que hacia a este titulo divertido para un solo jugador, esta re-edición para XBLA se siente muy austera.Sabes? Lo que menos me ha gustado de la serie de Soul Calibur ha sido la renuencia de Namco a establecer como se escribe. En un tiempo Soul Calibur fue SOULCALIBUR, y en otros casos fue escrito como SoulCalibur. Como qu...

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Worth a 5 for the nostalgia 0

I spent many nights back in 1999 playing this game against friends. Back then the Dreamcast was king, and this was the best game on that system. Now, nearly 10 years later, the Dreamcast is (sadly) on a shelf in my closet. On the rare occasion when I did get those same friends together we'd break that game out, blow the dust off the dreamcast, hook it up, and play it. Now that it is on the 360, though, I can play it a lot easier. I agree it should have the missions and online, but the greatness ...

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