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Speed Racer on Nintendo Wii

You can choose from a plethora of characters to play as, include Speed Racer himself. Each character has their own unique car (although they all play identically) and fully voiced in-game banter.

Speed Racer The Videogame for Wii uses the Wii remote as the main and only way to control the game. The game is played by holding the Wii remote sideways and tilting it as though it were a steering wheel. Naturally, Speed Racer The Videogame is best played using the Wii Wheel controller attachment.

While driving, the player can perform a wide range of attacks against A.I. opponents. All of these maneuvers are performed using motion controls. (although some require the directional pad to be used in tandem with motion controls) For instance, quickly flicking your arms to the left or right while holding the Wii remote will cause your vehicle to ram sideways in that direction.

The entire game can optionally be played together with a second player using split screen. This requires 2 Wii remotes, one for each player.

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