Does anyone else still do Spelunky Daily runs on PC?

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#51 Posted by Nyhus (64 posts) -

Yeah, that would be pretty great, actually.

#52 Posted by Milkman (16660 posts) -
#53 Posted by RoboRobb (1051 posts) -
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#55 Posted by DirtyAstronaut (56 posts) -

I like playing it, but man am I bad at it.

#56 Posted by amarriner (142 posts) -
#57 Posted by weegieanawrench (1937 posts) -
#58 Posted by Katharis (2 posts) -

Lets get spelunked

#59 Posted by Dahnosaur (19 posts) -

i've gotten into it too cause of Patrick. always meant to buy it and I picked it up at the Steam sale. I'm terrible but it would be fun to have people to play against.

#60 Edited by Cicatriz77 (6 posts) -

Glad to see more people picking this up. I've been playing off and on for a while for a few months now and just beat Hell for the first time last week. Looking forward to seeing how I stack up against you guys.

Joining the group but adding everyone in this thread as well.

#61 Edited by crithon (3126 posts) -

Curse you partick..... because I'm now doing daily runs

#62 Edited by VincentOmodei (7 posts) -

Todays seed was sooooo good.

Clean out 1-1 and get that early jetpack! bomb boxes everywhere! I was going so well but somehow died on 2-2 or something to an unforced error for about 90000k.

#63 Edited by Claudia (42 posts) -

Just started a few days ago, but feel free to add me :)

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#65 Posted by amarriner (142 posts) -

@mattyftm: Tried adding you on steam, but it kept erroring off. I'll try again a bit later.

#66 Posted by Demoskinos (14763 posts) -
#67 Edited by Vuud (1956 posts) -

I just bought the game. I have very little time for gaming right now to a little Spelunky here and there is perfect. Everyone can friend me on Steam so we can compare daily scores.

#68 Posted by SexyToad (2760 posts) -

@thurbleton: Hey mind throwing off the steam group in the OP? I just noticed that some people might not notice it.

#69 Posted by Demoskinos (14763 posts) -

I nearly just had a Olmec run going. Got to 4-1 had the cup had a good setup with a mummy to farm vomit aaaaaand I botched it. =(

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#71 Posted by Seiken_Enhasa (101 posts) -

Had my best run yet in today's Daily Challenge. Got all the way to Yama... then got killed by a Tiki trap.

#72 Edited by jedge (57 posts) -

I was playing quite consistently when Patrick first started streaming Spelunky but I've fallen off the wagon recently - hope to get back in pretty soon though. Would be nice to finally start seeing some improvement - getting to the Jungle is the best I can do so far...

(In other words, if you want to feel really good about your Spelunky prowess, add away!)

#73 Posted by lib3rtine (13 posts) -

Hey guys, add me if you like, looking for some competition :D

#74 Posted by Ravelle (1249 posts) -

I started again and need to people to compete with to keep me motivated.

Feel free to add me:

#75 Posted by isbecome (82 posts) -

Trying to get back into Spelunky, but my friends list is pretty barren.

My dpad broke so I am trying to relearn the game with the keyboard or analog stick. So my scores are pretty easy to beat for now!

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#77 Posted by johnLongview (133 posts) -


Add away!

#78 Posted by theodacourt (530 posts) -

you could add me.

Today's seed is awesome! My best ever run even if i died at 4-1.

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#81 Posted by johnLongview (133 posts) -

I joined this group today, and on my next run reached the City of Gold (and Hell!) on my first try.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

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#84 Edited by wchigo (544 posts) -

I was going to wait on starting the daily challenge until after I beat the game at least once... so today's the day I guess!

Steam profile: wchigo

#85 Posted by madroxcide (64 posts) -

I decided to take the plunge as well as I've enjoyed watching Patrick play. If anyone wants to add me on Steam it's the same as my name here. Madroxcide

#86 Posted by strake3 (3 posts) -
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#90 Posted by Ronald (1362 posts) -

Enjoying the daily, have a blank list when I check the scores. Damn Dota players.

Ronald's Steam Page

#91 Posted by Madhattan (13 posts) -

Just started playing after watching Scoops every day! Also have a blank leaderboard so far, so I will start adding folks.

#92 Posted by YoungFrey (1321 posts) -

I want too, but the game just takes too long to load for a daily cahllenge. While Spelunky is a clearly superior game, Rogue Legacy had me playing in 5 seconds on my machine.

#93 Posted by Kingyo (49 posts) -

Hey don't have anyone on my leaderboard at the moment so hope people don't mind that I've added them, feel free to add me

#94 Edited by HeadGreebo (2 posts) -

Hey guys. I'm looking for a bit of competition as well. HeadGreebo on Steam. Best of luck

#95 Posted by ttthrasher (59 posts) -

I occasionally do the dailies on PC, but I'm trying to get into it more. I have very few friends on steam who do them so the leaderboards are no fun. Add me (chroipahtz)

#96 Posted by Crissaegram (6 posts) -

Just picked this up and forsee many days of being at the bottom of the leaderboards.

#97 Edited by TrevDX (1 posts) -

Just got into this thanks to Patrick's streams (makes for perfect viewing on the bus home) but have become addicted to doing the daily challenges even if I don;t do much more.

#98 Posted by guilherme (331 posts) -

I'm playing it.

#99 Posted by GreasyWeasel (17 posts) -

Whenever I get a chance to play I give the Daily a go. It'll be good to have some people on my scoreboard for a change. Add me (GreasyWeasel)

#100 Posted by TonyStar (9 posts) -

Patrick got me way into Spelunky! gonna try and put up a daily as often as possible. Currently I have no friends on steam who play it so this would be awesome

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