bobberyfan98's Super Mario World (Wii Shop) review

The best mario platformer, next to galaxy

Now let me tell you, this game will make you bang your controller on the ground, but other than that this is an amazing game. Ok now the graphics, colorful and fun, thats about it, oh and the sprite detail is amazing. And the gameplay is just like everysingle mario game you've ever played, but involves....... YOSHI!, which is extremely fun, you can gulp your enemy, exept you can't get eggs from them like in the sequel to this :(. Now the music is basic, but the themes are catchy. And the controls are simple, gamecube controller, A button: jump (yous a n00b if you did'nt know that XD), control stick: move, B button: use fire flower. And now my scores:
Gameplay 5/5
Graphics 5/5
Music 3/5
Length 3/5
Difficulty 5/5

This is an amazing game, and should be your first vc download. Oh and sorry this review was short XD


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