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The Cheat's vocab contains mostly variations of "Meh!" and other "squeaking" sounds. However in one Strong Bad e-mail, it is thought that he actually said "O.K.".  He is Strong Bad's side kick and accomplice, often helping him with crimes and practical jokes.  He also makes his own music videos and cartoons on, often employing low quality animation and too many Flash effects. The Cheat was called 'A Duck' by Strong Bad, and he has his own line of special cakes, called 'The Cheatcakes'. These are supposedly not as nice as Grumblecakes. The Cheat has his own lightswitch raves reguarly, and hates Strong Sad. He is a fan of Pizza, and always gets the ladies. He has a Pizza establishment called 'Cheetsa Pizza' and has a gold tooth. He injures people by throwing busts at them. The Cheat has a weakness for chewing balsa wood.

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