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Strong Bad and his Lappy

Strong Bad started out as the main villain on along with his pet/sidekick The Cheat. After losing his villain status, he retained his tough-guy appearance by answering emails from fans of the site on his Tandy 400 computer. First, these short, lightly animated toons were just quick replies to questions that would include a joke. The popularity of this new Strong Bad Email (sbemail) drove the emails to become longer and longer in length, until Strong Bad Emails became one of the main features on the site. Now closing in on the 200th answered email mark, Strong Bad rivals Homestar Runner as the most popular character of the site, and now is the star of his own episodic adventure game by Telltale Games called Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP) which also start and end with the familiar sbemail structure. He has no Pecs, only Abs, thus earning him the unofficial nickname 'Double A- All Abs'. He occasionly wears a ripped shirt and 'The Blood of Slain Warrior Mammoths'. He's gone through three computers, the Tandy 500, the Compy 386, and the 'Lappy'. He's the leader of The Brothers Strong. He has an old timey version of himself, who answers messages from his Telegramophone. Strong Bad will never die, and is a big fan of the (fictional) band 'Limozeen'. Many things Strong Bad have done have become part of pop culture now and many references to him are included in videogames. In Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls there is a gravestone that mentions something about being BURNINATED which is a quote from the song Trogdor. Kingdom Hearts II makes a similar reference in Olympus with the "Urninated" command during one of the boss fights (where you throw urns at the monster). Trogdor is the name of a Dragon and song made up by Strong Bad in one of the emails, this song was actually featured in Guitar Hero II.


Dangeresque and his partner Renaldo in Strongborneo

Dangeresque is the main character, portrayed by Strong Bad, in his Dangeresque series of films. Dangeresque is a dirty cop who fights "the law and the crime". Dangeresque works alone, except when he works with Renaldo, which is all the time. In addition to Renaldo, Dangeresque has also worked with Dangeresque Too, a private eye with the same name as Dangeresque.

Dangeresque's weapon of choice is his Nunchuck Gun, and he's not afraid to use it whenever the need arises.

Dangeresque's father Dadgeresque was an expert kidnapping solver. One day, he came acrossing a kidnapping that he couldn't solve. It drove him mad, and forced him to abandon his son. The last thing he left for his son was one half of a broken trinket, which Dangeresque was eventually able to use to solve the kidnapping that even Dadgeresque the kidnapping solver couldn't solve.

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