How does your character look?

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Didn't find a topic like this. I enjoy reading and looking at how people play this so here we go!

 Ronja, a Breton Mage
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Lyn Tesni, Wood Elf. Pictured here with her brand new murder stick.
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@Marnox: Her father isn't a highway robber is he? Is she in love with a boy from a rival band of robbers? :P

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Nord warrior 
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@Draugen said:

@Marnox: Her father isn't a highway robber is he? Is she in love with a boy from a rival band of robbers? :P

Vargen ylar i nattens skog,

han vill men kan inte sova.

Hungern river hans vargabuk,och det är kallt i hans stova.

Du varg,du varg,kom inte hit,ungen min får du aldrig.

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Dar'Rajhin, Khajiit thief.
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@Draugen: Haha, you are somewhat correct. I roleplay my character so she has a backstory before the events in the start of the game. So being a runaway from the situation you hint at is a good enough background as any! It also explaines why she is in the thieves guild.
@TobbRobb: Dude, that was awesome. Made my day!
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Lhuddh. Nord Rogue/Assassin

The villagers never knew what hit them...

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@HarlechQuinn said:

Lhuddh. Nord Rogue/Assassin

The villagers never knew what hit them...

He's cool looking :)

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Just my Breton Thief.

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Like a boss

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I dun killed sum things and now I wear 'em!
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I am a Wizard.
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@WinterSnowblind said:

Nord warrior

That is actually really good. I'm a little jealous.

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Tehmij (Dark Elf Archer/Assassin)
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I present Prickly Pete, the proud Nord who gets real mad and then hits things.
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my breton lady is actually hot, which is something that could have never been done in any Bethesda game yet.

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Beard: check

Iron Helmet w/ Horns: check

Metal Gauntlets: check

Yup, looks like you're all ready to go, everything seems to be in order here. Get to hero'in.

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@Marnox: I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a whole personal history in my head when I play RPGs. :)

@TobbRobb: Made my day too.

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Looking like Ezio was totally unintentional. Doesn't really matter now as I'm using the Nightingale armour which doesn't show his face at all, won't post that as some might consider it a spoiler.

Have since started a new character, my Dave inspired Lizard Wizard, with a poncho.

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Bjornar the old-ass Nord battlemage. Fear his homeless fury!
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Went to take the shot and this happened... 

With head. 
Probably a conflict between the hood of the mask and the hood of the cloak. Which is weird considering that you get both those items at almost the same time.
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Mammut at level 10
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So many Nords.

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@Liber: @Vodun: @Extreme_Popcorn: @Anund: @XII_Sniper: Those are really awesome you guys. I'm glad you didn't went for the stereotype.

This is my duder, His name is Damian and in this picture he is giving a hug to this dragon.

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My magic lady (left) and her grumpy companion Lydia (right).
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@XII_Sniper: It took the poor guy so long to figure out he was Dragonborn!

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@Deusx: How do you initiate those kill cams? I play mainly ranged so I don't get into melee that often. Is it random or can you make it happen?

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I've been doing the same thing for all my RPGs lately... it's probably a problem. I just miss LOST so much...

Mass Effect 1
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Goddamn, your lady looks cool. I've been debating both which race to play as well as whether to be a lady or not.

Luckily I don't have the game as both questions have yet to be answered...

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I've made a generic Nord warrior, Almost master blacksmith, grand enchanter and protector of the innocent.

I always make a characther that fits well in the locale for my first Playthrough, after that I'll make my oddball duder.

Maybe I'll do an Orc Shaman or an Argonian Thief (not really oddball but I like it.)

Viktor, Thane of Whiterun.
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@Vodun: It's random, sadly there is no Kill Cam for Ranged, wich really sucks because being an archer in that game is awesome.

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Mok'bara, Orc warrior extraordinaire.
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I made mine to look like Xena: warrior princess

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@Marnox: I love the fact that you call her Ronja. She has bushy hair.

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Ithuriel - Arch-Mage, Dragonslayer, Hero, Trend Setter and all round nice guy.

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Svetlana, early game.
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'Thuor thief/assassin

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@Bwast: That helm is awesome.

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Jared, Redguard only-does-everything
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I am loving the variety of characters. Here is my High Elf. She has white eyes but I never see them because of the mask. I should take a more recent screenshot though.

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Guinevere, Nord battle mage. Very happy with the way she turned out. :)

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