The 7000 Steps

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#1 Posted by ztiworoh (910 posts) -

Did anyone else love making this long trek up the mountain? Something about the way they designed this made it feel like I really was taking a long and arduous pilgrimage. Loving how immersive this game is so far.

#2 Posted by KingX (246 posts) -

yep I agree on that.

#3 Posted by yakov456 (1955 posts) -

It was fun until I saw a Snow Troll and had to run for my life.

#4 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2530 posts) -

It was fun until I saw a Snow Troll and had to run for my life.

The snow troll I saw was stuck on a cliff above me! Totally destroyed him.
#5 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1053 posts) -

I never saw the troll on my way up. I didn't stay on the steps themselves, though, so there's a chance I avoided it. I did enjoy the trek, though.

#6 Posted by endless_void (731 posts) -

Haha the snow troll scared the shit out of me because for some reason it jumped off from a ledge right behind me.

#7 Posted by Irvandus (3055 posts) -

Yeah it was awesome!

#8 Posted by MonetaryDread (2291 posts) -

7000 steps?  I haven't reached that part of the world yet.  Is it actually 7000 steps?  Cuz there is a staircase near my new house with 100 steps and that is longer than I thought it would be.  So 7000 actual steps sounds like it must have been a pain in the ass to model.

#9 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

It was pretty good yeah, loved the pilgrims you met along the way.
I didn't love the sounds of a bear mauling some goats somewhere above me while I was making my way up the stairs.

#10 Posted by Zidd (1911 posts) -

I just rode my horse all the way up.

#11 Posted by ztiworoh (910 posts) -

@MonetaryDread: Well, I obviously didn't count, but there's a point in a quest where you have to make a pilgrimage to the top of a mountain and they call the path "the 7000 steps". It probably takes a good 10 - 15 minutes at least to make the walk.

#12 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1353 posts) -

the sabercat and troll were hard as fuck for me

#13 Posted by Deusx (1931 posts) -

Yeah that was pretty awesome. Although that fuckin' troll scared the crap out of me. I'm doing the magic school quests and having a great time. Great storyline from begining to end.

#14 Posted by ztiworoh (910 posts) -

@yakov456: Fire magic does wonders with trolls. It wasn't an easy encounter, but I'm level 9 and did it on the first try.

#15 Posted by JasonR86 (9994 posts) -

What I want to know is if anyone counted the steps and if there are actually 7000.

#16 Posted by yakov456 (1955 posts) -

@ztiworoh: I was 10 at the time but didn't even want to chance it since it was so far up. Used something on him that made him calm for 30 seconds and just booked it up the hill.

#17 Posted by SSully (4576 posts) -

I got killed by the snow troll, so my pilgramege turned into me sprinting past the troll near the end.

#18 Posted by matthias2437 (992 posts) -

Yeah that has been one of the highlights of my time with the game so far. Multiple times during the trek I would just stop and look off the side of the mountain. This game had more beautiful environments then it has the right to.

#19 Posted by GiveUpNed (238 posts) -

@yakov456 said:

It was fun until I saw a Snow Troll and had to run for my life.

I "cheated" I turned into a werewolf and ran off.

#20 Posted by Punk1984 (595 posts) -

i loved it especially the views. Looking back on Bleak Falls Barrow was amazing. The troll got me the first time but the second time I snuck up on him and turned him into a pin cushion with my arrows.

#21 Edited by jackdawkins (12 posts) -

Are none of you keeping Lydia with you? I just let her tank most shit til she goes down while I fill em full of arrows. That combo tends to make most small fights (like any fight with a single troll) pretty trivial.

edit: also the bonus cargo space is nice.

#22 Posted by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

Died twice on the Troll. Third time blasted him to hell with Fire and Frost magic flying out of my hands! My hands I tell you! At the same time!

#23 Posted by ztiworoh (910 posts) -

@jackdawkins: Yup - have her with me 90% of the time. I only wish she ran faster, I feel like I'm always waiting for her to catch up

#24 Posted by Flatline (8 posts) -

I saw a lady in prayer as I traveled up the steps. When I saw the snow troll I decided to run back towards her for some help. She did something amazing. As the troll began to hit her she just ran straight off the side of the mountain to her death. Man this game is great:)

#25 Posted by JasonR86 (9994 posts) -

I forgot, I also fought a damn dragon right near the top. That was amazing too. Have I mentioned on these forums before that I love this damn game?

#26 Posted by Anathem (141 posts) -

I rode my horse, but felt like I was cheating somehow. Stopped and read all the shrines up until "OHGODATROLLRUN". It would have been a better experience without that guy.

Also had the "Shut Up Woman Get On My Horse" song in my head the entire time for some reason.

#27 Posted by natetodamax (19415 posts) -

I thought it was really cool too. I didn't have any trouble at all with the snow troll, but then again I had Lydia with me.

#28 Posted by ICryCauseImEmo (525 posts) -

@yakov456 said:

It was fun until I saw a Snow Troll and had to run for my life.

ahaha yep this was the same reaction I had. I died twice :(

#29 Posted by QKT (253 posts) -

i just kited the troll while i burnt it with flames and breathe fire.

#30 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Rode my horse up to the top, fought an ice troll with relative ease. Such an amazing game.

#31 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

I jumped up the entire mountain on the opposite side of all the steps.....

#32 Posted by adoggz (2081 posts) -

yeah it was great, epic(i dont care i'm using the word) dragon troll fight at the top was fucking rough though.

#33 Posted by advocatefish (370 posts) -

Fucking Ice Wraith killed my dog.

#34 Posted by c0kemusheen (66 posts) -

I ended up double timing down the steps when that damn troll showed up. Luckily one of the pilgrims started tanking him while I set him ablaze from a safe distance. After it was all said and done I got some of the best armor I've come across in this game off of the dead pilgrim. Went better than expected

#35 Posted by Milkman (17769 posts) -

@yakov456 said:

It was fun until I saw a Snow Troll and had to run for my life.

Yep. Fuck all the trolls in this game. The only way I've killed any is leading one up a mountain and into a town to have the guards help me. Ask me to kill a dragon though, no problem.

#36 Posted by Milkman (17769 posts) -

@advocatefish said:

Fucking Ice Wraith killed my dog.

What? You can get a dog?

#37 Posted by FunExplosions (5535 posts) -

The troll is easy. He's really predictable. The sabre cats are way harder with their lunge attack.

#38 Posted by NoCookiesForYou (804 posts) -

The scenery along the way was pretty goddamn amazing.

#39 Posted by Swoxx (3015 posts) -

@SSully said:

I got killed by the snow troll, so my pilgramege turned into me sprinting past the troll near the end.

Same, however I used my horse all the way! Kinda ruined the whole pilgrimage aspect I guess.

#40 Posted by Scotto (1260 posts) -

I did it on foot, and brought Lydia with me - helped with the troll. I love how heavy the snow gets as you move up - the snow effect in this game is great, period.

Unfortunately Lydia died earlier today, in the last part of a particularly long side quest to reforge an amulet. Guess I'm gonna have to find a new buddy.

- Scott

#41 Posted by imsh_pl (3447 posts) -

I died the first time I tried to kill the sabrecat. The second time I lured him to the traveler praying to a shrine right below... he got killed in one hit >_< Still killed the cat though, at least I redeemed myself :P

#42 Posted by gike987 (1811 posts) -

I just ran past the troll. There are so many memorable moments in the story, so far it's much better than the oblivion story.

#43 Posted by Sbaitso (595 posts) -

The troll wasn't too much of a problem. Murdered all the pilgrims before even talking to them for stealth and archery xp. Some good goat and ram hunting on that mountain

#44 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

@imsh_pl: There was a cat on that mountain?

#45 Edited by Wuddel (2295 posts) -

I got a dragon about half way up. Fought him with a pilgrim, who sadly died in the process. Run past the troll.

#46 Posted by HarlechQuinn (455 posts) -

I "stealthed" all my way up... it took a loooooooooong time. But the troll ended like most of my enemies... with an arrow in the back of his head.

#47 Posted by golguin (4355 posts) -

The troll was nothing. He went down with the fire easily. The big cat right before him on the other hand rocked me about 8 times. I finally killed him when I almost fell off the slope and I ended up below him. I was able to slice him without having him react and when he did he was killed in the next hit.

#48 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

The 7,000 steps was truly immersing. It felt like an eternity getting up there and it felt quite epic trying to get to the top of the mountain. Ice troll did ruin my trip, but I just ran past him after my second try.

And my god the view up on the mountain is gorgeous.

#49 Posted by Claude (16611 posts) -

I missed part of that I think. Before the quest was even given, I decided to climb that mountain. I climbed the southwest side and scaled some pretty crazy rocks. I found some locations and just had to fast travel once I got that quest.

#50 Posted by rjayb89 (7806 posts) -

Met a dragon as well, after killing a frost troll that seemingly jumped off a high ledge to greet me. There was also a sabre cat, but those are pretty much nothing to me being a heavy armor-clad two-hand hammer lass.

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