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This Zelda entry has the same soul, but has lost some of the steam. 0

Zelda games are a tricky bunch to scrutinize as each has an intrinsic high quality simply on the virtue of them being a Zelda game. Nintendo does not skimp on the quality and production values of each title of their secondary flagship series, so it's easy to consider adding the proviso that a specific element is disappointing "for a Zelda game", with the implicit acknowledgement that the game's presentation and core is still stellar but for the occasional misstep.Make no mistake, Legend of Zelda...

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Peaks and valleys 0

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a strange concoction. One one hand, this is a Zelda game through and through, complete with all the things we've come to know and love about the franchise. On the other hand, it has some more subtle things going on that clearly make this game different from the norm. The result is a haphazard collection of ideas that manage to hit all sorts of highs and lows, making this a game that should be enjoyed by the Zelda faithful, but probably won't be a great showc...

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Spirit Tracks is a bit of a trainwreck. 0

So, I'm a huge Zelda fan, and it is honestly the most likely pick for my favorite franchise of all time, but something about Link's latest DS adventure just did not sit well with me at all.  A lot of the staples were there - dungeons, hearts, rupees, swords, but honestly very few of those things felt like they came from the Zelda franchise I know and love.  The dungeons are the saving grace of Spirit Tracks, because they actually felt like some effort was put into them, and while the game was la...

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Do you suffer from “Zelda Fatigue”? 0

 The Legend of Zelda games used to be a rare treat. With a few exceptions, most games in the series were typically separated by a period of at least four or five years. Some time after the venerable The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, things began to change. Barely even a year after the Hero of Time’s debut, Nintendo began to step up production on new Zelda games. It seemed as though every other year brought with it a new adventure for Link. It was about the time Minish Cap came out on the G...

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Another fun, leisurely ride through Hyrule 0

The land of Hyrule has gone through many types of transportation over the years. Link, the Zelda series' protagonist, has traveled the vast land by horseback, boat, and even teleportation. And now, in the latest installment, Spirit Tracks, he uses trains to get around. But while his form of travel may be different, the game itself isn't. From its gameplay mechanics, to its controls, and to its visual style, the game is essentially Phantom Hourglass with trains. And you know what? That's totally...

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It Hits The Pleasure Center of Your Brain 0

The Legend of Zelda takes a detour in Spirit Tracks, the pseudo-sequel to 2007’s Phantom Hourglass.  Inspired by his son’s favorite children’s book titled The Tracks Go On and On, director Eiji Aonuma decided to include trains as a key ingredient, and the game takes off full-steam in this new direction.  Although many classic Zelda elements are present and accounted for,  half of the time you spend with the game will be aboard the train.  Zelda purists may cry foul at the changes being i...

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worse than a used heroin needle 0

This game is literally garbage. i can remember being in 7th grade when it was announced and i almost crapped my pants. i was so excited i began to save every penny i earned for the next month. then it happened, i finally achieved what had felt like the greatest thing to ever happen in my entire 12 years of life. At first i was in denial. I was so excited because, well, its a zelda game. I was not prepared in the slightest for a let down, so i completely ignored overly simple enemies and painfu...

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One Damn Good Adventure Game and One of the Best Games on the DS 0

Those that have played The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass will be no stranger to the layout of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.  Spirit Tracks takes the same formula of Phantom Hourglass and replaces it with a train instead of a boat and the Tower of Spirits instead of the Temple of the Ocean King.  I guess this could be a good or bad thing, depending on your tastes, but I felt that Nintendo did make some small enough changes to twist it into a good thing.  Those that have not played Phan...

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Derailed. 0

  So me and Nintendo have different ideas on what to do with this Zelda license. I tend to think that the franchise needs an overhaul, a desperate tweaking of its stagnant format. I say enough to tired gameplay ideas, like dungeons built around a bow and arrow, or Link saving a Princess with a Triforce. How radical would it be to play a Legend of Zelda game that doesn’t star Link? On the other hand, Nintendo believes that it’s merely the input methods of the game that have gone flat. People are...

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Spirited Change 0

 If you're asking yourself whether or not The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will entice a player who's fallen out of love with the series -- either because of its reluctance to change or because of franchise fatigue -- the answer is that it might. If your frustration with the series is with its trademark structure, then you won't find much to love here; dungeons are still the game's main attraction, with the same sort of progression the series is known for (solve puzzles, get special item, solv...

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It May Be On a Smaller System, But it Isn't a Smaller Quest 0

            I admittedly wasn’t very excited when Nintendo first announced Spirit Tracks. I found Phantom Hourglass to be a little to easy, and this is probably due to Nintendo’s casual marketing approach on the DS. I assumed that Spirit Tracks would be essentially the same type of game, but I found that I was mistaken. Spirit Tracks is not only more satisfying and enjoyable than Phantom Hourglass, but I think in some respects it is one of the finest entries to the franchise. You even get to dr...

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A must own for all Zelda fans! 0

 To start off this review I must say I absolutely love this game. I haven't been this into a Zelda game probably since Wind Waker. The train in the game is surprisingly good, even though I died a couple of times running into other trains at first. It is a really nice addition to the Zelda series and a new formula that is truly enjoyable. It seems that the tracks are long but they really aren't, I didn't even discover the fact that they're warp zones on the tracks until I beat the game. So having...

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Link and Zelda steam to the top 0

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is probably best Zelda adventure since Wind Waker. Many may doubt it, but thanks to its many ingenious puzzles, melancholic music, and a sharp witty script, Spirit Tracks is a joy to play. Like The Phantom Hourglass before it, Spirit Tracks fuses the Wind Waker anime art-style with a flowing stylus control mechanism  - familiar to anyone who has played Nintendo's Animal Crossing: Wild World. As well as some tried and trusted Zelda tropes, such as the boomerang ...

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A solid Zelda game once you get through the slow start. 0

 The quality of The Legend of Zelda series as a whole is practically unquestionable. Almost everything Nintendo sets out to do with the series is a success and comes out with flying colors. Phantom Hourglass successfully brought the series to the DS in a game that was great despite its flaws, and now Spirit Tracks is out as a sequel. It retains a lot of what made Phantom Hourglass great and improves upon the original game in some ways while feeling very similar despite its shortcomings and slow ...

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Better than Phantom Hourglass - but is that enough? 0

The Legend of the Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS is Nintendo's newest take on the land of Hyrule. It tells the story of an ancient evil that has been inexplicably imprisoned by a series magical railroad tracks and is hell bent on busting loose but Link and Zelda together embark on an adventure to seal the evil away once more. It's standard fare for the series but the forgettable, yet forgivable, story is forwarded with well written dialog from a host of new personalities.  By now you've likely ...

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 0

 I've seen a fair amount of people call Spirit Tracks better than its DS predecessor from a couple years ago, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I finished that game a couple months ago, and while that may have caused the tiniest bit of fatigue, I don't think it was significantly inferior. Spirit Tracks does have more devious puzzles and more unique items in its assortment of equipment, though it has its share of faults as well, and I see them more as nice complements for each other...

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My impressions so far... a review of the beginning 0

 I am writing this as I play the game. And what I will say is something I have not heard any other reviewer say. This game is great, and keep in mind I have not played the first.-hour glass-. Now I am as far as the first temple, and so far the train stuff just seems like skin for a formulaic Zelda game but what made this instantly better than any other Zelda is how Zelda herself is. (NOTE:This is not really a spoiler since. I assume most know someone special joins link for the first time in a ZE...

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Choo-choo Link! 0

  Zelda has always been the ultimate series for me, as with many people. Each instalment gives me uncanny amounts of hype and a weekend of no socialising upon release, however the handheld titles have always passed me by as one of those 'good games I'll play some other time'. Finally I've decided to finish a handheld Zelda title ever since Oracle of Ages launched back in 2001.   Warning: you will meet a train spotter in this adventure Although the game might look like it'd tie in straight...

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review 0

A couple of years ago before Phantom Hourglass was released it was easy to be skeptical of a purely touchscreen Zelda game, especially after the wagglefest of Twilight Princess on the Wii. Despite almost universal apprehension Phantom Hourglass proved to be both innovative and a great reminder that Nintendo knows what they're doing when they design a system exclusive title. But Phantom Hourglass was not without a problem or two, such as the repeated visiting of the timed dungeon the Temple of th...

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