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The unlikely savior 15

Imagine a vocal Communist living in America. He burns flags, speaks the virtues of a Marxist economy and preaches on his porch with megaphone in mouth extolling the evils of President Obama. Yet he refuses to heed his neighbours coarse advice of “love it, or leave it!” because he’s gotten too used to this whole “freedom of speech” business that Americans are granted. That’s my relationship with the Wii in a nutshell. The much ballyhooed motion controllers turned out to be considerably flimsy and...

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Tiger Woods 10 Wii Video Review 1

Chris Phillips is back again for more Video Game reviews! Today, Chris is taking a look at Tiger Woods PGA Tour 1o for the Nintendo Wii. Does the new Wii Motion Plus add a new level of realism to golf video games?    ...

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Wii-juvenating 0

 A few weeks ago I reviewed Wii Sports Resort. Basically said I liked it a lot, but Motion Plus was too long in coming and I doubted it would make any difference to your average Wii owner. The wife and I wanted to compete on Sports Resort, so I bought Tiger Woods 10 to get a 2nd Motion Plus add-on. At first it's not obvious what difference Motion Plus makes, but if you disconnect and reconnect the add-on between strokes, it soon becomes apparent. Without Motion Plus there's not much difference...

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Best Golf game yet 0

Got Tiger Woods '10 for the Wii with Motion plus and have to say i am impressed. Upon getting used to the motion plus my golf game has improved. If you played '09 all your stats are transfered to the game with a few bonuses to go with it. The introduction of Frisbee golf is fun and gives you a nice change of pace then playing golf everytime. Biggest issue is that some of the tour pro's didnt' make it in the game (ex. Mickelson). The create a player has some great improvements as well.All in all ...

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Can Tiger's Magic Wand Win Over A Sports Loathing Gamer? 0

Fighting games were all the rage back in the '90s, and they're currently making a comeback.   During the previous decade, games like Street Fighter lined arcades.   Many fighting game enthusiasts loved taking Ryu and Ken into battle, but for some people, two-dimensional characters just didn't cut it.    Some of these people were won over by up-and-coming polygonal fighters, like Virtua Fighter.   Virtua Fighter may have moved at a slower pace than what people were used to, but they didn't care, ...

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Great, long, immersive, and terribly buggy 0

  I don't know why, but I like golf games. I mean, I hate the actual sport, but I love to play them on a computer (since ooold Jack Nicklaus PC versions). I didn't play any of them since at least 4 years, thus I was quite eager when my girlfriend brought home Tiger Woods 10.Ok. First of all: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a "would be" great game. It would deserve a 5 star rating. But: it's buggy (at least the Playstation 3 version), in a terrible way. Not so buggy that it totally ruins the game, but...

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review 0

For this version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, for the Wii, you'll finally get the chance to use the Wii Motion Plus. You'll get to play as Tiger or many other popular golfers and take on several different courses. Sadly you won't be able to partake in all the courses right off the bat, nor all the golfers. You'll have to earn them through playing  courses and winning rounds. There are a couple of ways to unlock things in this game, a new thing by EA, you can either play to unlock or pay to unlock. P...

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