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Timmy Turner is the godchild of Wanda and Cosmo. He got his godparents by being the most miserable child on earth. This started when he was 6-years-old. His parents Mr. & Mrs. Turner made him eat Brussels sprouts, while they filmed it on video. When Timmy had enough of eating his Brussels sprouts, he tricked his parents into leaving the house so that they can film other children eating brussels sprouts. Timmy thought it was a good idea, so his parents left. However, they were just hiding behind the wall so that they could watch their son cry like a little baby. When Timmy found out that they were lying, his parents joy danced and said "in your face." When Timmy's dad was throwing away a baby-sitter add, Timmy saw it and started to dial the number. Timmy's dad wanted to stop him, but his mom grabbed him and hog tied him. When the baby-sitter arrived, Timmy was so glad, his mom was also glad. His mom wanted to go on a vacation for a very long time, so she and Timmy's dad left their only son to Vicky. Vicky ended up being the evil baby-sitter, this is where Cosmo and Wanda introduce themselves. Timmy uses Cosmo and Wanda for fun and for protection. Timmy has to obey "Da-rules." He can't tell anyone that he has fairies, he can't wish for people to fall-in-love with him. Timmy has not broken any rules, he is the only godchild to not break "Da-rules."

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