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Chaos Theory is the absolute pinnacle of stealth-action gaming 0

  By now, Tom Clancy has got quite a few franchises running in the gaming industry, and most of them are really popular. However, Splinter Cell has always stuck out even among these great franchises, because it does not make you play a random soldier in a greater conflict. In Splinter Cell, you play as Sam Fisher, America's best spy that's sent out to discreetly solve delicate situations that the government has gotten itself into. Chaos Theory is the third entry into the franchise, and t...

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No need to theorize - Sam can provide all the chaos you need. 0

Along with Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell brings to the world of gaming all the international intriguing cloak and dagger of espionage. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the third game in the long running Tom Clancy series developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This time, Sam Fisher, a 'Splinter Cell' agent from a secret U.S government office called Third Echelon, and the game's protagonist, has to stop a terrorist group from seizing and using a computerized weapon system on the innocent. Whil...

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Addition of knife = The greatest stealth game ever made 0

What can I say, I've got a hardon for this particular brand of realistic gameplay. Also why I find Counter-Strike such a disappointing and disgusting phenomenon. Ah well, back to Sam Fisher. Splinter Cell was one of the greats, and Chaos Theory, the third one in the series, just takes everything from Splinter Cell and makes it better. Better weapon mechanics, better graphics, better lighting, better enemy AI, better level design, and holy shit they added a knife for Sam! Truly, the most importan...

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Stealth action goes mobile 0

Splinter cell: chaos theory was developed by Gameloft using the same 3D engine used in there earlier ghost recon title. Quite simply it was a revolution for the N-Gage. It moved away from the 2D platforming seen in the first splinter cell title released on the system shortly after its launch and added console gaming with minimal compromise. The story followed a fairly well trodden path through multiple world locations allowing a multitude of mission types. Well it covers infiltration and finding...

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Inferiority is in the eye of the beholder 0

The politics of gaming is something that many of us in the online community have to deal with on a daily basis. There are those who will always favour one system, or one company, or one game above all others, and this becomes all too apparent in some people when reading something they've written. Of course, it's possible to justify, such as when two or three systems get the same game and comparisons will be made, usually placing one version above the others for reasons only the hardcore or insan...

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Superior version of a superior game 0

When opportunity knocks, one has to be a fool not to answer it. Despite the fact that the GC version was just fine, when I finally purchased an Xbox I felt I needed to exchange it for the Xbox version. And while from most points of view the two versions are identical, it's a number of little things that make the Xbox version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory the better game. The first Splinter Cell was more or less intact from Xbox to Cube, with only a few parts changed, such as a room...

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A good game, but a dying franchise 0

Chaos Theory, The third game in the Splinter Cell series, Made up a bit for the second game's lacking single player campaign. With the game running on a new engine there's a fresh feel to it yet it maintains the Splinter Cell trade marks, but there in lies the problems with the game. Though it's a good game in it's own right, it seems it is very difficult to create a long lasting stealth action franchise without some major differences to keep gameplay fresh and that's where this series is suffer...

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