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Formed 1995 by Yoshiharu Gotanda and a small group of Wolf Team members.

tri-Ace develop exclusively in the realm of Japanese RPGs their games tend to have a action oriented spin to them similar to Linear Motion Battle System (or LMBS) seen in the Tales series, which key tri-Ace members worked upon, with players acting at all times using a single key character on a real time battle arena while AI takes care of the remaining party members often using a deep combination system emphasizing the dichotomy of the party members relevant skills.

Yo! Where Odin At!?
Yo! Where Odin At!?

tri-Ace has also been know to dabble in a more rooted, strict flavor of RPG with the Valkyrie Profile series, regularly thought to be amongst the hardier JRPGs around. Being more traditional in nature the battles are turn based whilst retaining the involved combo system that tri-Ace is known for.

tri-Ace alumni, Hiroya Hatsushiba formed tri-Crescendo in 1999 and went on to create Eternal Sonata, a game also influenced by LMBS and the combo systems tri-Ace developed. The two teams still work together, recently with Valkyrie Profile 2:Silmeria.

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