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The first boss (left), Chong Pei.

The player controls a creature known as Yakopoo through five levels. Areas are explorable, and also have secrets and easter eggs. The object of the game is to find the flower of peace because the inhabitants of the world have gone mad. At the end of every level, the player fights a boss. On the fifth - and final level - the player must defeat several bosses.

Yakopoo is also able to shift between 3 main forms. His normal for, he is able to jump and fight by kicks and punches. In his flying form, his ears change to wings and he is able to fly. Swimming form: in this form, he is transformed into a fish and is able to swim.

Yakopoo can also pick up special power-ups and get special forms. The player also has four health points, when he loses those, he has to restart the level.


Yocapu lives on Trip World, the home of the Shabubu race. Yakopoo lives with his grandpa on the holy mountain, also known as Dubios. The Flower of Peace resides here, and Yakopoo's Grandpa must protect it from evil. One day, a band of thieves stole the flower and caused chaos. Now it is up to Yakopoo to get the flower and restore order.


The German magazine ASM rated the game an overall score of 9 out of 12. The reviewer stated that Trip World is "in any case a treat for action fans". Video Games, another German magazine, rated the game a score of 68%. The magazine referred to Trip World as a "better" platform game and lauded its graphics and music. The review's author commented that Trip World is "ideally suited" for inexperienced players due to its low level of difficulty. Video Games also praised the "clear game structure", but criticized the "missing lasting appeal" for experienced players.

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