All the wiki pages I've created.

I'm one of those wiki editors who mostly does two things: I'll either just make minor edits or add pages that aren't on the site. Here's proof of the second one.

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I had no idea we needed a Patton Oswalt page, but I'm glad it exists. Guess I should actually play my copy of Vice City Stories some day.

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

I think I've only made one concept page in my whole time here and that's Vertical Scrolling.....probably because I don't like concepts in the wiki.

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I like them, at least when they're creative. That probably explains all the crap I've created.
Posted by takashichea

I didn't get a chance to asked you this. Were you satisfied by the work done the The Black Knight page? Sorry for any drastic altercations I made to your wiki article.

Posted by Video_Game_King


What's there now is unquestionably better.

Posted by takashichea

It's hard to think of games that have a Hanging Ending Screen. I only managed to add kingdom hearts 1 and 2, Majora's mask, paper mario N64, Mario N64, and Skies of Arcadia.

Posted by Video_Game_King


I just add 'em as they pop up.