GDC Unreal Engine 3 video leaked

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 this looks awesome 

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Hot damn

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Looks good, guess this is at least what we might expect in the future considering so many game developers use to Unreal Engine. 

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Smoking: still cool. 
They should make a Colossus game. 
Still, this is like when a car game demos the level at night with rain. Its hard for something to not look good in that kind of setting. I'm more curious how it'll handle natural light, how it'll look in a setting that games actually take place in. All this tells me is the next Batman game will look badass.

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Looks incredible, I'm interested in how much work has to be done by the artists for it to look like that though.  
Seems like we are still going to get quite a leap the next gen consoles come, which is great since the differences in graphics are probably going to get more marginal further in the future.  I'm hoping that once the technology is getting really close to photo-realism (in perhaps 10-15 years), art design is going to become the thing that people enjoy arguing about, instead of the tech.

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That's very dark with some bloomy lights. And they needed 3 GTX 580 to run it in realtime. Not really impressed, not when we have things like Frostbite 2.

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Can't wait for Batman: Gears of Bladerunner to come out.

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Holy shit that looked amazing.

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@easthill said:
" they needed 3 GTX 580 to run it in realtime. "
They did? Wow, okay... I'm considerably less impressed then.
It does demonstrate the expandability of their engine though. I think that's what most engines are gearing up for, seeing as how we're nearing the time for a next generation. 
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It is impressive looking.Hopefully they show this video off in HD the HD screens that were put out looked pretty awesome

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@easthill said:
" That's very dark with some bloomy lights. And they needed 3 GTX 580 to run it in realtime. Not really impressed, not when we have things like Frostbite 2. "
The BF3 demo used one 580 for reference.
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Wow that looks amazing. I would like to see it in some natural lighting too though.

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@extremeradical said:
" Can't wait for Batman: Gears of Bladerunner to come out. "
Don't you mean Gears of Batman: Arkham Blade Runner?
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some great effects in there!

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That looked really good but I wished they showed a more brighter, colorful setting, not necessarily a jungle place but something like that would have been really impressive.  But that looked pretty damn good and I can't wait to play around with that engine.

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Screenshots (click on them for full size).  
They are suggesting that this is a somewhat good implication of what UE4 will look like. They probably needed the triple GTX 580's to run it with 4x4 SSAA, which is what Epic does with most UE promotional materials. 
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They were using 3x580GTX's in the PC, they said as much. It did have MSAA turned on. The characters still look a little polygonal, but the hair, rock skin, and the reflections/lensing are super impressive.

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Was it a straight CGI trailer or real-time like you would see in-game?  Moreover, what were the details of the upgrades in the engine?  Have they finally fixed the texturing problems they've had since they made the damn thing?  How long did this take to make in comparison to other things of its sort?  What kind of enhanced tools have been made in order to help third-party developers that will license the engine?  Is this a trailer for a future game release?
Lot of questions with no answers.

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@jakob187: It's just a prototype from EPIC, they stated we won't really see this being used to its full potential in a few years/next console generation. I can only link you to a Norwegian article though, I'm sure Google can help with translating. And it's realtime, on 3x GTX580.
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I hate to be the guy that says "who cares," but... who cares?  They proved they can make a really nice CG trailer with some interesting art direction (well, more interesting than the stuff they've been doing for a while at least), but how will this actually look in the context of a real game?  As stiff and "gamey" as a lot of Unreal stuff usually looks?

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im sorry i just cant appreciate anything anymore... with this soul-rottening wait for BF3 nothing else excites or impresses me.. im exhausted
new Unreal engine? looks nice, thats nice.

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I want the next generation console to be able to do this at 60fps at 1080p in bigger environments than this street scene. Granted considering that's running on 3 video cards that's a tall order, but I haven't really been pining for a new console generation until I saw this video.

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Notice there was no mouth animations... until they improve there, color me unimpressed. 
It looked good, but I'm not entirely sold.  Great animation (rockstar) > Effects / Filters (epic/unreal)
Now if this was a trailer for the direction the Unreal franchise was taking, I'd be hella excited. 

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@jakob187: It was a realtime demo, not CGI. After attendees saw what is on that youtube video they played it again, but with the camera detached so they could spin it around to prove that it was real-time. The features are detailed around the net but they focused on quality anti-aliasing (the worst part about current gen games IMO), the better lighting, shadows and reflections, better skin, better animation (still looks a bit stiff to me tho), and more physics for clothes/water/particles, etc. 
You're totally right about the tools and time for production. Mark Rain said on twitter that the public UDK is going to get all of this and hopefully by the end of the month so we shouldn't have to wait long. It's also been said numerous places that this isn't a game, nor is it achievable on anything other than the highest end PC hardware, but that this is where consoles should be within 2 years when they finally launch.

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