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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Review 0

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a remake/port of the popular but hard to fine PlayStation 1 game Valkyrie Profile. You will be taking on the role of Lenneth a warrior from Valhalla. You will be sent to earth to find and recruit warriors to help the gods combat ragnarok (the end of days basically). This is a 2D-ish sidescrolling RPG that has the power of Norse mythology behind it.The graphics are amazing in the cutscenes and seem to push the PSP just enough for a visual display that is plesant to ga...

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An amazing game for first-timers, a decent retread for others. 0

NOTE: This review was written by me years ago, but it's never been posted on GB, so enjoy!***************When Valkyrie Profile was first released for the original PlayStation, it slipped through the cracks for a number of reasons: it was released at around the same time as the much-anticipated Chrono Cross; tri-Ace was still an unknown developer who had only one other PlayStation game to their credit; and Enix, who published VP, shipped a very small quantity of discs, well under 100,000. The lat...

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Brilliantly bizarre. 0

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a remake of an obscure PS1 JRPG cult classic, Valkyrie Profile. The original PS1 game is incredibly hard to find (and ridiculously priced, if you do find a copy) -- so credit to Square-Enix for re-releasing an underrated classic on a current platform.Even if you’re accustomed to JRPG mechanics, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is going to throw you some curve balls. It combines side-scrolling platforming with semi-active turn-based battles and a surprisingly mature storylin...

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